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Temptations [Open]

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1 Temptations [Open] on Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:52 pm


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man

Castor rose, stepping from his lair out into the warmth of the sun. He stretched his powerful wings, looking out over his valley before he gazed up into the sky. The mating season had come again, and he was aching for a female. Unfortunately, he knew the nearest female dragon was dozens of miles off. There was his servant, of course, a human woman who helped keep his lair clean. He had been avoiding her, her scent driving him mad. He hadn't seen her yet that morning, and he hoped to keep away from her, at least until the season passed. While a human female could ease his lust as well as a dragon could, and he thought his servant a beautiful creature, he had his doubts that she would be as eager for him.

He rose into the air with powerful strokes, flying the short distance betwen the entrance to the cave in which he lived to the lake. He dove down into the cool clear water, hoping a swim would get his mind off of things.

[[Open to a female human (Castor's servant]]

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2 Re: Temptations [Open] on Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:16 pm


Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
Finishing her morning chores Katie let out a breath tucking hair behind her ears while she looked around the lair for a moment. Castor was no where in sight, she hadn't really seen the dragon in a couple days now. He was avoiding her and the young woman wasn't sure why. Had she done something wrong? She kept his place cleaned like he asked and did other tasks that he asked of her, why was he avoiding her? The young woman didn't know but she wanted to find out why. Nibbling on her bottom lip she walked to the entrance to the lair, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the sun light.

It was starting to get hot out so Katie's dress wasn't very lady like as some would put it, but it was hotter and she wanted to be comfortable. The dress was short, stopping at her knees while the sleeves stopped a few inches from her shoulders, it was also lower in the chest, showing off the top of her firm breasts nicely. The fabric was thin to keep her cool, her nipples pressing against the fabric lightly. Letting out a breath she looked out, maybe Castor was down at the lake? If anything it would be nice to go for a walk and dip her feet into the water. Bare feet walked along the dirt path that led to the lake.


(Hope thats okay!)

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3 Re: Temptations [Open] on Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:57 pm


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
The cold water had done nothing to clear his head as he had hoped. He rose to the surface again, rolling over to float on his back, his broad wings spread out on either side of him, remaining like that until he heard the faint sound of footsteps approaching the lake. He caught her scent on the wind, but even before, he knew it could only be Katie.

He tensed unsure of what to do. He could hardly go flying off without her noticing, as close as she was. He could only hope that she was only headed for the lake for a short while. He took a deep breath and dove under the water once more, swimming down towards the deepest part.

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