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Anthro Rain ((W/Metsä

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1Anthro Rain ((W/Metsä Empty Anthro Rain ((W/Metsä on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:15 am


Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
Banished as an exile from one own home, the former indigenous land, a king finds himself weeping compassion, over the sufferings in-which his fellow subject are enduring with much differentiates. What has brought once a proud and outstanding kingdom to the highest stander of nobility, fallen and to be looked upon in utter disgrace? Came about in the days of war within the Medieval period, inhibitions of fertile land found themselves cast out in destitute, when powerful warlords sought to claim all the land for their own forcefully, through means of pillaging with armed forces in overwhelming numbers. Many a years the outcast ones have spent their lives in exile, till fates blessing brought them to resign in paradise, the true nirvana rich in life giving and ever flowing sweet water spring, crops grown in bearing soil in-which gives a bountiful harvest in each harvesting season, and very much rich in minerals and precious stones to make others rich financially and well off where one won't lead a life of poverty. Rightfully proclaimed the 'Silvanus' for this heaven on earth valley, due to the land being protected by a beast whom the inhibitions dubbed their Goddess

Told in legends of massive beast, standing with human speech, it's homed to a temple built within a cave, massive in size and length near the outskirts of Silvanus Valley near the mountain floors, seen high upon the smallest mountain in the northern regents of the land, is where the beast is known to be dwelling. All who are wishing to graze these lands were welcomed with open arm by this so called Goddess. However... it is not without a conditions first proposed by a willing king.

It was the king, Ma' Thane in-which was the one who first stumbled upon theses lands alone, and found his way into the caves of the temple grounds. Where he encountered the beast. Massively in size, standing 6'10 with frost blue hues, snow white thick hid fur in a mixture of light brown and gray to match the unusual marking all over it's form. The body of a beautiful shewolf, the horns of a mighty ram, the wings of a angelic eagle, and hooves of a grand stallion. In dress this anthro is covered in jewelry, from jade necklace, golden snake armband, silver rings, large brass earring, to a red silk loincloth. Thane was at awe yet speechless to it's beauty, however she felt otherwise having a human in her mitts. “Human... how dare you bring yourself in my sanctuary,” she utter in a strange tone of voice, yet it belonged to a females of a feminine pitch. Thane submissively dropped to his knees before the female, with his hand lowered facing her hooven feet, “my apologizes goddess, I meant no disrespect,” referring to her as a goddess brought an amused smirk upon her muzzle, and was quite curious with him. “You call me Goddess, why?” she asked him and so Thane replied; “please don't find fault in my words, but... never in my life have I witness a true beauty, therefore you must be a Goddess.” Echo's sound all over the caves walls, once the steeping hooves drew closer to the former king. He felt her claws coming under the lower chin, forcing Thane to cock his head upwards to face the unknown female. She looked deep in his eyes and couldn't help from smirking with a light chuckle, “quite the interesting one, so this mean I like you... just a little. Tell me... what brings you to my domain?”

Who is he and where did he come from, thus the king gave word of his tale from beginning to end as she listen passionately hanging on to every word. Then after, she kept quite before an actually reply, thinking long on the matter and so came to a proper agreement. “You may dwell in my land, you and your people king Thane. I'll even allow you kingship as an offer of my good graces, but in return you must make a pact with me so everyone will known a kingdom where man and beast coexist. In sort... make me a symbol of our union.” Thane didn't know what she meant but later found the meaning behind her words. It was at that moment she disrobed him, to take me as a mate in the manner of a female in heat. Therefore Thane found himself making love which eventually helped bare an offspring. A daughter in-which Thane took up to raise like a princess while being whispered like their Goddess, since she is born from the Goddess. Thane was commanded to always protect her, so one day she'll too be married and take the place as ruler and furthermore carry the this new tradition between man and beast.

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