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Chemistry of Mating

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1The Huntress | open | Empty The Huntress | open | on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:49 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
[ honestly, I just want this to be a quick role play with lots of exploring. Dominant character is fine, but just don't force my character into anything]

The night was young and the air was warm with springtime and magic. Deep within a forest, a young woman reached a large stream that flowed south, towards the direction she headed. Cynthia had been running away for days from a group of ogres that had destroyed her kingdom and were now searching for her, one of the princesses. Despite her title, she was often called the Huntress for she dwelled within forests such as these and was known to hunt with the elves. This made it easier for her to navigate among the expanse forest that would lead her to the kingdom of her uncle, where she knew that she would be protected. However, she knew that it would be better if she had someone to protect her for she didn't have an intimidating or large appearance and it with no doubt she would come across creatures that would harm her due to this.

No, rather her appearance was one that easily captured the attention of males just at one glance. With a tanned skin, her black and shinning hair strongly contrasted with her emerald-green eyes. Her lips were pink and plump, promising whoever was lucky enough to kiss them, or have them travel down their body, the pleasure of not only kissing a princess but of truly being kissed. Reaching the edge of the stream, she placed down her pack and started to shed her clothes so that she could wash her body. Now without her loose clothing, a body of Aphrodite came into full view. A set of large breasts bounced as she took the first few steps inside of the stream, until the edge of the water grazed her hind. The water was warm and clear and for the first time, she felt at ease. She was days ahead of them and she would finally have a night's rest.

Bending down, she used a cupped hand to grab water and rub her skin clean. In her left hand, she had a sweet-smelling plant to perfume her skin with. After a couple of minutes, she was fully clean. Her hands continued to work up and down her body, however, her eyes closing at the stillness of the area and the aromatic scent. Her body glistened wet and as her hand traveled down her stomach once again and stopped at near her sweet place. Cynthia had known men previously and since being on the run, which had been over a month, and she had not even seen one. She had truly been with a man once in her life, despite not being yet wed, but the memory was fresh and sweet in her mind. Until now she had not been able to think of it, being preoccupied with keeping herself safe, but in the peaceness of the moment, that new thought came to mind. Biting her bottom lip lightly, her finger traveled between her folds and she began to gently rub herself, sending a shiver up her spine and her juices to start flowing. A soft and sexy groan left her lips before she retreated her hand; Cynthia wasn't sure what had come over her, but suddenly she felt an urge she hadn't felt in a while.

"Too bad there's no man," She sighed, louder than she expected. Good thing there wasn't actually any creature out there. Without another word, she continued to lap water onto her body, at least enjoying the water.

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