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Footsteps {Open}

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1Footsteps {Open} Empty Footsteps {Open} on Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:48 pm


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
Footsteps {Open} 357eybn
Name: Rain
Plot: Rain was traveling with her family when a strange creature attacked their campsite.. Her family was killed by a unknown beast. She goes off to find help only to hear eerie howls.. Thought they are different. Something is tracking her.. And spared her for a reason.
Rain was asleep, curled up tight in the sleeping bag in her one person tent. Earlier that day they had a blast, hiking and fishing. Though the fun ended short after they saw bloody prints.. Human and canine prints trailing off. In the distance of the forest they saw a strange animal that left right after. They all returned to their tents and ate. It wasnt long after the night came that she fell asleep. The fire flickering outside her tent only to suddenly die. She took no notice for she was well asleep now. That was until a shriek filled her sensitive ears. She jolted up wondering if that was a dream.. Or reality.. She didnt want to know and felt a bit scared. It might just be them pranking her, but the shriek was so real.. She went to the zippers of her tent and with shaky hands slowly tugged on them. She heard something off in the distance that sounded like rustling, but it would be the wind.. Right?

She hoped so. She hated it when her family scared her. They did it almost everh campung trip they have. It just made anger boil in her as she expected them to jump out and say something dumb when she opened the flap. So she unzipped it,moonlight flooding in. She swallowed preparing herself mentally for it. Thpugh when she opened the flap it was clear. She cautiously came out, looking around the campsite before inspecting the place. She shivered slipping on her jacket and a pair of jeans. She than walked towards the fire.. Red embers still glowing. "Thjs was just put out?" She said still feeling the heat of it. She walked to the tents and said "Hey guys?"She said grabbing the zipper and tugging it down,opening the flap. She dropped the zipper as a mangled body lay underneath the covers. Blood spattering the pillow. Paw prints along with human hand prunts trailing out.

She noticed how it led ro each tent before disappearing. A shiver ran down her spine as she crouched. Tears streamed down her warm cheeks as she looked around.. This cant be real.. She thought as she backed away from her mother and fatheds tent. "I got to get help.." She said trying to fidn her phone only to see it was smashed outside her tent. She looked towards the forest k owing civilization must be far. She better go now before whatever it was came back.. Her parents and family.. Dead. How? She thought as she trekkedt through the snow. She couldnt help but feel watched so she tried to go faster..

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