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Avaril's Lair

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1Avaril's Lair Empty Avaril's Lair on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:43 pm


I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling
Hello, I'm Avaril!  Feel free to stop and say "hi" in a PM.  I usually don't mind talking.  >.>  I love roleplaying and am always searching for new exciting roleplays as well as plots.  I like to read a lot and work on improving my writing, while having a little fun too.  Razz  

Just a fair forewarning though... sometimes I'm not very active, no kidding... just depending on where life takes me, but I like to think that I am consistent and I keep coming back.  I just take spells like I'm sure we all do.  Being honest here.  Wink  But sometimes, I'm also very active.

Now onto what I like and what I don't!


  • Building up/Suspense
  • M/F
  • M/M
  • Groups/Threesomes
  • Rape
  • Knots
  • Dominance/Submission
  • Non-consent
  • Seduction
  • Playing both genders
  • Human/Feral or Anthro
  • Human/Mythic
  • Feral/Feral
  • and the list goes on!


  • Excessive Violence
  • F/F
  • Scat
  • Incest
  • Reptiles

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2Avaril's Lair Empty Re: Avaril's Lair on Fri Oct 04, 2013 5:20 pm


I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling


Name: Julie Newton
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 23 years
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Appearance:  Julie is one of the girls that doesn't have to try hard to appear beautiful.  With her long dirty blonde hair, bright blue-gray eyes, and constantly smiling face it is not hard for her to catch the attention of men of all ages.  She rarely wears makeup or dresses up, but oh, when she does she is breathtaking!    She has the slender build of a light athlete.
Personality:  Dreamer.  Hopeless romantic. Observer.  Listener.  Kind.  Sweet.  Generous.  Joker.  Playful.  Happy.  Stubborn.  Shy.
Past: Julie has a pretty unique past for modern times.  She's made it to 22 years old without ever once having a boyfriend and then has made it another year with a boyfriend and still remained a virgin.  The girl has followed her fantasies of an old-school and traditional way of life, with a few twists.  She has been bound and determined to save herself for her husband on their wedding night.  Everything in the past year had been perfect - she was to have the perfect little outdoor wedding, everyone was coming, and well - it would just be the dream wedding that she'd always dreamed of.... only Julie didn't count on finding out that her groom had been screwing his ex the night before the big day.  Mortified, hurt, and feeling utterly betrayed Julie ran from the altar and climbed upon precious horse, Char, and fled... not caring where she went.
Picture: above

Home: ran away
Lover: none
Crush: none
Virginity: Intact




Name: Char (pronounced like "Shar")
Gender: Male
Species: Lusitano Horse
Age: 6 years
Height: 16 hh
Weight: 900 lbs
Appearance:  A handsome bay stallion - proud in every movement and feature.  His coat is a rich, muddy brown that rolls over powerful muscles when he is on the move.  A thick and very black mane and tail contrast with his brown hide nicely.  He is stout and built athletically, not too bulky to be considered draft-like but not at all lightly muscled.
Personality: in development
Past: in development
Picture: see Julie and above

Home: ran away
Lover: none
Crush: none
Virginity: Intact

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