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Rainy afternoon. (open. male centuar preferable)

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I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling
Alyx was not near any shelter when it started raining. She had been meandering open fields, ignoring the rolling dark clouds, enjoying the way the breeze tickled her hairs. Alyx was rich in her curves, and her long, buttery hair. She was quite a short centaur, a very pale yellow colour, and wisps of feathers around her fetlocks. Her hair was creamy white and wavy, and it fell over her succulent bare breasts and tickled down to her waist where her torso meets her horse portion.

Absentmindedly she ambled through the tall grass that tickled her hocks, her hands twisting locks of her long hair. Alyx had glassy blue eyes as she wasn't really paying attention to the change of weather, until the cold drops splatter on her body. She feels them on her round haunches first, and flinches out of shock. Fluttering her lashes suddenly, she looks up in surprise at the thick heavy drops that had started falling.

She stops her wandering, and pouts slightly, putting her hands on her hips, not all that impressed with the fact there was no point in galloping for shelter, as in a matter of seconds she was already drenched. Her long hair stuck to her body, clung against her pale flesh, and showed off her luscious curves. It also made the colour of her coat darker, more of a straw gold, showing off the white freckles she had splattered across her belly. But Alyx picks up her hooves eventually, and begins jogging towards the closest cluster of trees. Tucking her small and round body near some trunks, she hears the sound of something else in the shelter.

"Hellooooo?" She calls, "Someone else getting in out of the rain?"  Alyx queries, peering around the bark to see who she had stumbled upon.

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I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling
OOC: Is this consensual or rape? Orieus is down for both, he's not afraid to rape. He often likes it more because he loves to "punish" females.

Picture and Full Name:

His Torso/Face:

His Horse Body:

Full Name: Orieus Saxstabus

He's always been a dominant centaur, never one to mess around. He's fond of his features and not far off from narcissistic. His soft, brown skin had no flaws and his curly brown hair fell past his shoulder. He was muscular and attractive and the man was no fool, he knew it. A thin scar ran over his eye from a fight he got in with another centaur over a woman.

Orieus's dark eyes scan the fields he's in. A gentle rain is beginning to fall and he may as well find shelter. He plans to head East when he notices a female making her way to a cluster of trees. The male smirks and struts towards her, stepping into the protection the trees offer.

"Hello," Orieus purrs, his voice dripping of lust. He scans her up and down, licking his lips greedily. "I'm Orieus. I don't believe we've met," he sticks out a large hand for her to shake, "I'd remember someone as sexy as you."

The female was much smaller than he was, he towered over her dominantly. If she wasn't interested in what he wanted he could always force her. The sight of the smaller female made his crotch tighten, the tip of his penis barely visible.

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