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The Dragon God's Kingdom (Open)

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1 The Dragon God's Kingdom (Open) on Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:39 am


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting
Long ago this kingdom worshiped an almighty divine dragon. This dragon required considerable stimulation, but in fact lacked any genitals. And so a better system was devised. Each year they would make sacrifices to the dragon's holy anus. In times of peace they would shove in their cherished possessions and offer their seed and adoration. In times of war they would offer prisoners, the squirming captives shoved right in as living toys. But that was centuries ago, and no one believes Colmata could really exist. Until, one thousand years to the day of it's last appearance, the dragon returns expecting the usual offerings.

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2 Re: The Dragon God's Kingdom (Open) on Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:06 am


I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling
The kingdom was urgently rounding up goods for the dragon. The dragon had only ever been a myth according to the farmer who had nothing. He had heard about it from his family, of course, but no-one believed it to be real. However when the guards appeared and demanded a possession from him to sacrifice, he had nothing. He wouldn't let them take his produce, after all, that was his livelihood, and so without question they grab his 17 year old daughter.

Anna was terrified. She didn't fight the guards, she knew that that was not a good idea. But the only thing she had ever heard about this dragon is that sacrifices had been made to him a very, very long time ago. None of the details had been explained to her, but she noticed as she was escorted to the presentation area, that she was the only human going to be given to the dragon. There were some sheep, a cow, she saw a horse tethered as well, but other wise she was the only human.
"What... what's going to happen?" She asks, looking for anyone to help her.

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