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;; here to overwhelm you with my flavor

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1 ;; here to overwhelm you with my flavor on Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:11 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

The restaurant and bar were surely the most active during Fridays and the weekends then anything, but hey; more money, right? The hybrid wore her typical black-white outfit that hugged her perfectly around those well formed chest of her's. Wearing high heels, giving her a bit of a higher lift and despite how short her skirt was, it hide her secret perfectly.

The bunny hybrid's tail twitched a bit as she smiled at the newest people that were signed to come forward for their table. Leading them to it, seating them and giving them their menus, she kept her smile and went on with her job. It was a pain in the ass to wear the high heels but none the less, the job was good in every shape and form.

The tips were wonderful and everyone adored her, despite the fact of her secret of being a herm. It was something unique and different for sure, but not as extraordinary as to what she is. A zebra and bunny hybrid? That was unique in its self. The female brushed her bangs out of her face, humming softly to herself as she went to the bar, talking to a few of her co-workers before making a few drinks for a few people.

Annabelle started to hum to herself as she greeted more people, filling their orders as they came in. Her tail continued to twitch a bit, shifting slightly on her weight a bit, just trying her best to enjoy herself. Though at times it was hard, even more so when she was coming into season as her hormones are worse then any rabbit.

Being part zebra, a male zebra at that, it left her sexual urges all the more intense and the fertility and the urges of a rabbit mixing it? It would take a lot to put her fire out indeed, rather she was the dominate one or the submissive one. Another thing about being a zebra, they produced a lot of sperm, one of the top ten with the highest sperm count per ejaculation. Forty billion does she give off at one time and give her a few minutes and she'll be ready to go again.

Anna greeted a few co-workers starting their shift before moving out into the storage area. It was time to restock things and it did make her wonder who will come back here for a taste of what she had to give? Seemed around the weekend, people got drunk, rather it was her co-workers or not found their way back here and she gave them whatever they wanted.

Though with her hormones taking over, there was a higher risk of pregnancy but at this point, she didn't care. The female really needed a release of some sort, even if it meant she would have to fuck herself silly, which caused her to gasp and tremble at the thought. Already her erection started to swell, making a slight tent in her dress and her thong, which caused her to grumble a bit underneath her breath.

{{ males, females, herms, whatever XD guess an orgy of some sort - there will be a pregnancy / pregnancies if you want! }}

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