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1 ❀ Black Hellebores ❀ on Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:11 pm


A ancient species that resided among the mountains of Amatersasu forest ('Heaven Forest.') These creatures known as Nybians were well known among tribes for their healing abilities and the array of flora that grew upon their pelts. They live among the forest and protect it, their bodies giving off strength to the trees and keeping the environment healthy. Tribe humans once lived at peace with these creatures, but now they are seen as pests, They are hunted for their pelts, blood, and flowers. Their blood is rumored to be able to heal any sort of illness or injury, their pelts are soft and give good luck, and their flowers are fragrant and never wilt if removed quickly. There are also different forms and rarities to each Nybian, making certain types more valuable than others. The Nybians have retreated to the heart of the forest where a sacred tree rests, this tree is known as Teikyō ('Giver') or mother. 4 Nybians are born every year and only four, they do not have true mothers as Nybians are unable to produce sperm or eggs to reproduce, they do however have sexual organs. They are considered genderless beings, but each do carry a specific set of organs with them so they could be identified that way. Instead Nybians are identified purely by their flowers. Each Nybian has flora growing on them, and very rarely do they not (most die if they do not.) Their flowers have one specific gender. That is what they go off of. When it comes to newborn Nybians they are born from Teikyō who is given the children by the goddess Funinshō ('Fertility.') They are born at random times during the year, but it always happens on full moons. Those who are not born on full moons are born on new moons, those children are usually small and weak with frail bodies and flowers. This is the story of a particular Nybian who was born on a new moon, his name Hanako ('Flower Child.')

A tender voice soothed him, the words being spoken were something he would only understand later.. As the soothing words caressed his ears he felt a sudden warmth rush over his and a burst of energy run through him.. It was a repeated process of the comforting words and rushes of warmth and energy. A motherly presence gripped him softly and caressed his pelt.. But something was wrong. The words became distant and the warmth became cold. The fingers that once ruffled his fur comfortingly were now gone.. 

He felt his body quiver and curl into itself.. Something was dying inside him. His chest turned to ice and the brightness around him turned into darkness... and than it happened. He was suddenly on soft grass covered in a thin layer of grey fluid. Around him were creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are all staring at him with pitiful looks before a older looking one spoke. "The fluid, its grey in color when it should be clear.. Its so thin.. Funinshō has cursed us with another one for the humans sins.... We know it wasn't your fault Teikyō... you tried to nourish him, you loved him as you loved all of us.. But you held onto him too long, and you could do nothing as you watched your baby wither before you. He's so weak, take him to my shelter, I shall tend to him as best I can, but I'm afraid our prophesied prince is weak and deformed.."  She said, finishing off with a bitter tone as she turned around and limped towards a leaf covered shelter. 


That was moons ago, the delicate creature was now a whole season old. Though he eats, drinks, and works hard like the rest of the children the child still struggled. He struggled with his height, weight, and his health. His immune system is weak, his legs are much too thin and ache constantly, and his bones are like twigs. He would often injure himself or become deathly ill, yet he survived each time.. Many believed the prince was alive for a reason, while others thought he was lucky and cursed the gods for letting him live while others died. 

So many hated the weak boy and cursed his name... Telling the shaman who cared for him since day one that she should poison his rations or let the Kiri's have him. The shaman always refused to do so and said that if he was to die it would be the gods taking him and not herself or for malicious reasons. Little Hanako was the boys name, and despite their private whispers he heard them.. and there was not one moment where he didn't wonder why he wasn't dead already. Everyday his bones ached, he hated to walk, and food was hard to keep down... yet he lived. Whenever he got sick and threw up blood and felt himself go numb he would always jump back. The shaman always told him it was Teikyō, and she knew this because she told him. Teikyō for some reason really had seem Hanako as her own, and despite being a goddess who had given the pack many children Teikyō loved Hanako the most.. which is why many believed she held onto him so long. It was Funinshō who cursed him though, she was jealous of him since he was formed from the essence of life.. She wanted him dead.. She cursed him because of her own selfishness. 

Months had gone by and he was officially crowned prince seeing as he was still alive. Of course they handed that role to him with great hesitance, knowing that the fragile child could drop dead at any given time. Hanako didn't want to be prince, he didn't even want to be here. He felt as under nourished as he was in the last moments of his time with Teikyō, and was constantly known as a curse and mistake.. He just wanted to escape the words of his pack and escape to his mind where he felt safe, but there was sadly no escape for the small boy. 

Eventually Hanako felt that the only escape was to die, and that was just what he planned to do. Under the cover of night he pulled his aching wobbly body from his leaf bed and escaped into camp. The shaman locked away the poisonous herbs and the weaponry shack was guarded. The only way to end the circle of suffering was to find the Kiri's who lurked on the outside of camp at an hour like this. Using his small body he found the hole that a Nybian named Paladdin made while they were learning about how to weave baskets and other things. The hole was quite small but it was enough to squeeze through. His hindlegs scrabbled at the loose dirt as he pulled himself underneath the willow, lemon grass, and mud made border. Finally his body squeezed through and he found himself in the darkness of the forest. He had never really gone out here, but he had seem glimpses during daytime and art that the pottery makers made.

It was much scarier at night, the way the trees hung down like spindly hands trying to grab you... The owls calling off distantly. Hanako was scared, but he knew he could not go back.. If he did he would be punished for escaping and bullied even worse! He quickly scrambled towards a blackberry bush, listening for the sounds of Kiri's... There it was, the groan and scratching of its claws as it begged to come inside... Hungry and desiring to taint the creatures. These were Nybians who became corrupted by humans or by evil things, they were black with white soulless eyes.. They would kill any Nybian they found swiftly and engulf them to make them corrupted as well. Hanako could feel his eyes burn and suddenly he felt his cheeks dampen as he held back a fearful sob. He made a bad decision... and no one would save him. His only hope was the shaman who was fast asleep..

As if Funinshō herself told the Kiri his location the creature whipped around, black ooze coming off its sickening lips and splattering against the ground... Killing what it touched. It snarled and moaned as it approached him slowly, claws outstretched towards him as he remain, awe struck with fear.. 

Normal is just an illusion, for what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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