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Chemistry of Mating

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Freedom (Open)

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1 Freedom (Open) on Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:45 pm


Months ago, she would never have imagined what the wild would have been like. Even her wildest dreams could not paint an image so clear, so beautiful, as pure, unaltered wilderness. She had been born at a stable, and transferred from barn to barn until finally arriving at what her humans thought would be her forever home. Even she had thought that she would never leave the barn. Yet fate had other plans.

In a twist of events, Saorsa had been liberated from her stable, bolting off into the night. She had wandered the nearby woods, curious and eager to see what they contained. She had heard the far-off whinnies of wild horses and had felt a desire for freedom pumping in her veins; would she, too, finally experience true freedom? Were there other horses here who might welcome her into their herd, or at least travel with her?

These were all questions that the grey Arabian mare pondered as she stood on the bank of the river, head dipped to gulp greedily at the cool, fresh water that was ten times better than the disgusting hose water at her old home. She allowed her tail to flick from side to side as she drank quietly. It was mid-spring, prime time for stallions to seek mares to carry on their bloodlines, and  the mare was aware of the biological urge that she was sure every stallion possessed. Even if she had been human-bred, that didn't mean she was completely ignorant. Yet she was also naive. As a pampered pet, she had never really met a stallion before. She wasn't sure what to expect, yet she certainly wouldn't mind finding out.

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