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;; come take me home

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1 ;; come take me home on Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:43 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

The night was just as crazy as every Saturday night as it was request your own music night and ladies got to go in for free. The music was something that he enjoyed greatly as he loved to dance, so the beat of the music always moved him. Of course with how he dressed and moved, anyone would think of him as a female. That was fine by him, fine indeed. Ashley had his taste of being the dominate one and it just wasn't his thing, even though his partners seemed to enjoy it due to his numerous piercings he had hidden away. This young rottweiler yearned to be someone's bitch, maid, pet, whatever they wanted but so far, he has yet to have that wish come true.

Wearing black-red mini skirt with a matching laced top, medium high heels, Ashley danced with no effort. His tail swaying and wagging happily behind him as he moved in a seductive manner as a certain song came on. A couple of males had come and gone, taking their turns dancing with them before having to leave to fix a problem of theirs. That always seemed to be the case here. Males came to him, played and teased and then left him high and dry, causing a slight frustrated expression to appear over his face.

The rotti walked over to the bar, brushing his bangs out of his face as he sat down at one of the stools. His tail flicked and twitched a bit as he grumbled faintly underneath his breath, scratching the back of his head. Ears flicked and twitched a bit as he ordered a drink, shifting to a better position before looking over the dance floor, eyes softened a bit. Once the drink arrived, he slowly drank it, enjoying the taste of it, causing him to murr happily.

Anyone could easily mistaken him for a female, even without the boobs. Some guys liked that anyways, right? Ashley had that slender, curve figure that a lot of girls he knew hated him for it. Also that well rounded butt was just perfect for any guy that had a butt fetish. Then there was his face, his face sold it as well at being a female more then a male; including his own voice was just as feminine as well. Oh the urge to finally find a guy to bring him to their house for some fun, but of course, he wasn't that lucky, right?

so here, want a male to end up lusting over him, take him home and have sex - which then afterwards finds out he is a guy but doesn't care at that point. want him to either become a maid or a pet. maybe later on, a trophy at some sort that the guy shows him around, sex in public; ect. maybe he can become pregnant if you are comfortable with that - but we don't have too. always up for more ideas too <3

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