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Ω When Hell Freezes Over Ω

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1 Ω When Hell Freezes Over Ω on Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:33 pm



Thats the thing about fear
It demands to be felt..

Erebus, a 2 year old stallion freshly bought off the streets of a secluded Malaysian village among the trees. He was to serve a greater purpose they boasted so delightedly. Of course Erebus was more sensitive to their ominous plans than his naive handlers. The way one of the men leaned against the post in a drunk way, the smell of cigar smoke coming off him in thick waves. The other one had laces of drugs that tainted his blood stream and gave him a distant bug-eyed look. Erebus couldn't help but give off a alarmed snort and paw at the cracked dirt below him. His handler simply tugged softly on his halter before following up with a soft hush sound. 

Minutes they spoke before money was exchanged for his tack and Erebus himself, the rumbling of a truck singing of the horrors he'd experience. The lead was attached to the link on his halter underneath his chin and a harsh pull came from the impatient men. Erebus would have none of it and timidly attempted to return back to his position next to his handler who was already waving his goodbyes. How could they be so oblivious? If only they knew of the malicious plans these black hearted humans had for him. Ripping him from his home where he was loved and worshiped for his beauty and good luck only to carry on living in a unknown hell?

He was dragged across the dirt, the two men coming up behind him and pushing him up the ramp and into the dark trailer. A loud squeal came from Erebus as the trailer door was shut as soon as his body was completely inside. The trailer smelled distinctly of cleaning products, the floor was empty and grooved. There was emptiness where a hay rack and trough should have been.. Clearly removed prior to his arrival. Underneath the eye watering scent of bleach, Erebus could smell fear, but what distressed him further was the scent of blood. It was as if the cries of others and their desperate attempts to escape were stained to the very floors of this trailer, and no flower scented chemical could ever wash that away. 

As the truck rumbled on toward its unknown destination. Erebus had placed himself in a corner. His head was pushed up against the single window that was barred off. The smell of dust tickled his nose as his amber eyes stared distantly at the open land. His attention soon churned towards the truck which he could barely see. The man driving opened up the window and rested his hand just outside, hacking before spitting something. Before Erebus could react the object he spit out flied towards him and onto his muzzle. It was thick and black, smelling of tobacco. A loud 'blow' sound came from his nose as he looked with curiosity and disgust at the black smear. He than scraped it off onto the trailer wall and looked back out through the bars. The man hadn't rolled up the window yet, so the sound of the radio was blaring. 

Finally after another two hours the truck rolled up to a large factory like place. It appeared to be a industrial factory, with its long pillars that sputtered toxic smoke into the air in thick black clouds. Erebus couldn't see what was really ahead of them, but the truck rumbled up a pathway and to a delivery center where many other similar trucks were. Some of the trucks also had identical trailers attached to them, the smells of other equid creatures could be smelled.

Finally the truck stopped and the engine went off. The men than jumped off and went towards the building, leaving Erebus alone with his face pressed against the window. The sound of a noisy air conditioner could be heard, most likely running due to the nasty heat that was plaguing the land. Erebus waited for them to return half heartedly, but soon realized it would be awhile. The stallion took a step back and gave off a loud whinny, repeating it twice. He was hoping to get a response to his troubled calls, but nobody responded. Before the stallion could respond the men walked right back up with a lead rope and opened up the trailer.

Erebus quickly reared up and squealed loudly as they dove in to try and subdue him. The stallion refused to submit though and as they replaced his shabby halter with a leather bridle. Loud shrieks came from him as he smashed a old looking man against the trailer wall. This seemed to get their attention, and Erebus was hoping they'd see this and take him back to his home.. But they actually laughed and attached the new lead rope to his bridle. Once again the process started, a troublesome process of dragging... Except this time when he didn't respond they cracked a whip near his hocks or slapped his hide harshly. 

The stallion wasn't use to this kind of treatment, only familiar with his once free life of doing as he pleased. Erebus was pulled through stalls and into a corridor labeled 'B1L' where he was tied to a hook in the steel walls. The floor was sand and the huge room empty. In the middle of it was a massive machine that reached up to the top of the building. There were several long rods jutting out from it that had leads attached to them... It was so strange. As he stared curiously at the odd machine he suddenly felt a painful burning sensation on his hip, a loud painful scream coming from him as he kicked his hindlegs in the air. His head jolted to look at what had stung him, only to see a K branded into his left hind leg. There the man was with the branding iron with a smirk on his face. Erebus wanted to make him frown and screech with the same pain Erebus felt.. Make him feel his fear. That was all a dream though. 

He was than removed from the hook and tied to one of the leads that were attached to the machine. Suddenly the door Erebus entered through opened up again. Countless other horses with their own handler were pulled in and attached to the leads. Erebus let out loud neighs in attempt to get their attention, but they all looked at the machine with a tired and longing expression. No matter what the stallion did to catch their attention, it just didn't work. The smells of mares and other stallions were present, especially the mares that were in estrus. Some stallions were antsy with testosterone as they begged for a fight, and the females that were in estrus seemed distant. Erebus' own hormones were kicking in, but this kind of stuff was irrelevant to him.. The only thing that was on his mind was getting free.. 

Before Erebus could do much more a loud deafening beep sound boomed in the room and the men cracked the whips on the horses. Many of them kicked back, but always ended up pulling in the end. The machine creaked and bellowed loudly as it began to churn with the horses that pulled. Erebus felt the whip sting and he was forced into order with the others, pulling and tugging the heavy machinery... Gasping as beads of sweat slowly dampened their pelts. Loud exasperated snorts and whinnies sounded, Erebus joining in as he pulled with all his might. The machine creaked and a whir of energy pulsed through it, the turbines were moving and producing energy.. The horses were the real powerhouse.. No wonder every horse stared at the machinery with longing, they knew what was coming... They knew they would be doing this until they passed out from exhaustion.. They were accustomed to this hell. 
Looking for males only, PM me before joining

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