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feelin' the blues

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1 feelin' the blues on Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:10 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

The large blue roan brute snorted, ears forward as his eyes scanned around the barn from his stable. The scent of mares in heat were lingering in the air today and it caused his body to quiver with excitement, long tail flicked back and forth against his haunches. It was that time of year where he'd be able to brought out to the pastures and breed the mares that were in heat. Being a farm where large, strong boned horses were needed, he was the sire to go too. Numerous owners came around from different parts of the country to get their mares bred to him.

The stallion tossed his head around, snorting and nickering lightly as he pawed at the door. His muscles flexing and twitching underneath his unique colored pelt, long mane and tail swaying with his movements as he paced back and forth. It was surely cruel for owners to bring in virgin mares to him as he was indeed large, but he was a slow mater, making it a bit easier on the first time mare. Though that was more in a controlled environment. For some odd reason, there were scents of virgins mingling with the older, mature mares.

This was surely changing the table on things, wasn't it? Their scents were driving him insane and his blood was boiling with lust and arousal. There were two men that came to the door, opening it up, clipping on his halter on either side and guiding him out of the barn. The stallion tossed his head up, squealing and neighing which a few mares responded back which caused the large brute to start to trot towards the pasture. Already his blue-white-black tipped penis came out of his sheath a bit before the owners un-clipped the halter, which made him bolt into the pasture. The male moved quickly, causing the ground to lightly rumble underneath his weight as he made his way to the awaiting mares. Who would be the first?

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2 Re: feelin' the blues on Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:49 am


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man

For the most part, Gypsy was no virgin when it came to this. It was her second time, she had provided a foal. Stillborn, however. It had been a terrible winter for her barn, and Gypsy was unable to provide the nutrients the foal needed to survive. Today was her second chance at having a foal, and raising a little stallion or mare to repeat what she had been doing all her life. Please humans, and breed. Today was no different, she had just arrived to have a chance with a stud that had healthy genetics, similar to her. 

Gypsy wouldn't shy away from that. Her body needed it, and as many times as her innocence would take it. But she was certain that had been stripped away from her, no point trying to reclaim it. With a snort, she'd begin to chew on some long strands of grass with disinterest. Soon raising her head at the musk of a stallion, the stallion. A gorgeous blue stud, dare she admit. It made her start to slowly graze closer, just to have a chance at being taken by the brute.

She wanted to be first. And for once, she found herself wanting to be used as a toy. Gypsy still lingered closer, trying to make it look out of sheer fate instead of purpose. She was far too bashful to admit her own lust, why would she? With a snort, she'd raise her head and finally get a good glance at the male with dark intent in her eyes to be claimed by him.

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3 Re: feelin' the blues on Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:50 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
The stallion trotted into the pasture, smelling the numerous mares that were in the pasture this time around. It was going to be a long day and night for this stud as he didn't come back into the barn til every mare did, themselves after mating. The mares didn't go back to their owners until it was confirmed that they were bred and signs of pregnancy was clear enough to confirm. The stallion snorted and tossed his head around, arching his neck as he trotted around in a seductive and confident manner, tail flicked back and forth in a showy fashion. The blue roan had spotted Gypsy and was quite interested indeed for her scent was completely new and as the other mares here were continuous customers, the male approached her slowly.

There was two older mares in full swing and seeing the stranger mare caused them to snort and paw at the ground a bit as they trotted over, bumping into her, nipping and snickering lightly. They weren't going to let this new comer have the first go of the stud that they cherished so much. To them, they had the full rights of breeding. Their tails flicked from one side to the other as they trotted over to the stud; Bleau. The stallion had watched and pawed at the ground, snorting a bit in slight disgust. That wasn't how he had his pastures run, not at all. As the two mares approached, his ears flattened and he bared his lips back, nipping at their shoulders which caused them to squeal and they bolted away.

The male shook his head, snorting a bit as his chest puffed out a bit as he headed closer to Gypsy, lowering his head and nickered softly in a gentle greeting. "Forgive me, miss. Are you alright?" The last thing he wanted was having the new mares having bad experiences here, rather it was with him or the other mares that were awaiting their turns to be bred. One thing for sure, there weren't a lot this time around which was surprising but it made it better for him to spend more time with the certain mares that tickled his fancy. One thing for sure, this mare really had caught his eye in a way he never experienced before.

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