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;; sinful desires [ incest ]

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1 ;; sinful desires [ incest ] on Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:49 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

High school really sucked at times, but you can do what you can do, right? Thankfully it was now summer vacation, but it also meant a horrible time for this bunny rabbit. For a month straight, his body went through this stage of going into heat. It was horrible and it always seemed to attract every male around, which made him even more antsy and avoided any kind contact even more. This guy was so sociable, the life of the party but once this hits, he stays inside, locked up in his room. Even his best friends turn on him. It's so embarrassing and it really made Beni really hate himself, hate his body.

The male came down the stairs, grabbing a soda from the fridge and made up a dish of some veggies. Today should be a relaxing one for he didn't have to worry about his brother nor his father coming home. That alone was more troublesome then going outside where he could be attacked by numerous ones. His small family must have had such a hard time dealing with smelling him whenever he had this special situation happen to his body.

What sort of spooked him was the thought of possibly getting pregnant. Sometimes at a certain age that could happen, even to males. That made him fidget and his rump wiggled slightly. God, that would be fucked up, wouldn't it. Though sometimes that's how life fixed things, right? Beni grabbed what he wanted before slowly heading up the stairs, humming to himself, tail twitching happily. As far as he knew, he would have the house to himself til late tonight, if not tomorrow morning. Everything was locked and closed.

Beni got to his room, leaving the door slightly ajar as he laid on the bed. The male started to read one of his newest books he got form the book store before his heat took full swing. Humming softly and eating his veggies, he was starting lose himself within the story.

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