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;; kitsune's flare

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1 ;; kitsune's flare on Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:26 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
{{ long term idea. a young man raises a white fox, despite everyone's fear and superstition. we'll start where they first met and go from there - eventually romance will happen as she'll turn into a woman when only around him after he reaches a certain age. up for other ideas :3 }}

Human form | Fox Form

The snow made her nearly invisible asides the slight copper face, her eyes scanned the horizon from where she sat. Looking over a small village was surely something she saw every day as if she was the guardian. Which in a way she was, rather people knew it or not. The fox shook herself off before heading down her normal path within her large territory, bushy tail flicking back and forth. Winter was unforgiving and it was already showing on her skinny body, making her all the more hungry. Food was never this scarce and it really made her worry about the village below getting desperate for food as well.

There was a new village, a bigger village that even scared her that was surely in question why food was becoming scarce. More people meant more food to eat. Maybe the food would be on the west side? Maybe the prey items moved further to the other side of her territory? The female came to a stop, panting lightly as she lowered her head a bit, long ears flicked, listening and studying. If she didn't find food now, she wouldn't make it across to the other side of her territory which was surely a desperate thing, indeed. The fox shifted her feet a bit, shaking herself off before moving within the snow, heading down to the village like she had done many times before. The fox continued to move ever so swiftly and effortless, despite the snow as if she was floating as she carried on her way.

The canine continued to move before slipping past the village with ease, ignoring the barking dogs as they caught her scent. Movements became quicker before disappearing into the forest once more before coming to a dead stop. There was a scent. No, a couple of scents. Old and young. Beings. Her body trembled a bit before her tongue rolled over her lips at catching another scent. Prey. It caused her tongue to roll over her lips and just as she was about to follow it, she froze. No. Beings meant death. That she knew all too well. Just because she wasn't fully fox, she was still treated as such. No, she couldn't get caught like this, even if she was that desperate for food.

The vixen moved quicker into the forest but after stopping a few times to catch the scents in the area, she could tell the beings hadn't been around for three days. Odd. Maybe it wouldn't be a risk? Slowly and cautiously, she moved closer to the scent of prey before coming to a stop. The female's tongue rolled over her lips as she spotted the lovely site of what would appear as a bit of slightly frozen chicken. It was strange it was still here and not touched but starvation had taken over her body and after jumping up and down a bit, she managed to grab the piece of meat. After a couple of tugs, she got the meat and started to chomp on it with pure hunger.

The female growled a bit, body trembling with a unknown excitement until it was gone. Maybe she could find more, which without question, she followed the trail. Again and again, she removed the prey from the numerous tricks the beings had left without any issues. Little by little, her stomach was starting to settle and as she came to the last piece of meat, she was nearly full. Though not knowing when her next meal was going to be, she went in for it, which she grabbed with ease. Though as she pulled it, she started to feel a tug on her right foreleg, which caused her to whimper and growl with frustration. After a couple more tugs, she yelped and looked down, seeing that her paw was stuck in a wire, which as she tugged and yanked at it, it pulled even tighter.

The female whimpered and whined, jumping around and trying to bite it off. This wasn't good, this wasn't good at all. It caused her body to tremble, panting lightly in a nervous manner as her eyes looked around frantically. What was going to happen now? Was this it? Was her guardian days over? Why couldn't she change into her human form? Simple. Love. Love was the key to allow her to turn into her human form, but until then, she was stuck in this situation and as fox as well. Rest, struggle, rest, struggle. Though as the temperature was starting to go lower and the fear of freezing was starting to become a possibility.

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