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;; set my magic free

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1 ;; set my magic free on Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:51 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

Made for an attraction? No. He was captured by his will when he was a young lad, probably the age of 3 and it ended up being all he knew from then on. Making people believe he was a unicorn, which in reality he was, but he was able to hide the truth from anyone. Only certain kind of special beings were able to see deep within him, to unlock the real magic within and see what he truly was. To those without the power, he looked like a painted horse with a fake horn, but those who knew the real truth saw the true beauty of him. His tail flicked, ears flatten against his skull as the overly tall, large man yanked on the reigns that remained on his face.

Keir's dark pelt was soaked due to the bright, hot sun that was surely making everyone miserable but people admired the beauty of him - even though he was doing his best to keep his true self hidden. If the real world knew of what he was, - course not fully pure, but it didn't matter. It would ruin his kind for sure. People would probably would want to go out there and have one for themselves, when unicorns must be free, wild and free. Unfortunately for Keir, he was brought into this kind of environment and it was all he knew. Going back into the wild was something he didn't know what or how to do anymore. He shook his head, his long white mane swaying a bit, normal colored blue eyes softened a bit, ears flatten against his skull as he snorted and strained for it was obvious he didn't want to get any closer to those greedy people.  

The man was starting to get fed up with how Keir was acting and yanked harder, causing the stallion to tense, grabbing  the reigns a bit and grunted faintly as he looked around the huge crowd. Despite the heat and how miserable people were, they still came to look at the numerous creatures that this guy had to show and sell. Him being sold? Tsk, never. He was his favorite creature he had, despite how poorly he was obviously treated. Keir stomped his hoof a bit, tail flicking faintly as he closed his eyes. People were ooing and awing at the coloration of his pelt and how his muscles tensed and stretched with each movement he made. The stallion's ears flicked a bit as he looked far off, as if trying to lose himself within his thoughts or maybe he was looking deep into the crowd for someone to finally help him? Save him?

The man started to talk, getting the crowd wild up before yanking on Keir's reigns once more, causing him to stumble as he thought he made some kind of eye contact with someone. Someone that caused his body to tense... or was it tremble? It was a strange sensation and it made a light nicker escape from his throat. A unicorn shouldn't be viewed like this, he shouldn't have to hide who he really was for he should be wild and free and to be unseen. So why was he kept like this? Why did he stayed here all this time? Was it because he was too little and didn't know any better? Or was he just too afraid of what would happen to him when he was younger? He thought of his herd, he thought of the couple of friends he had made... but they were just blurs in his memory now and it caused a faint sigh to escape from his throat, tail flicking back and forth lightly in frustration and insecurity.

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