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x.. Bleeding soul

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1 x.. Bleeding soul on Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:45 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

The day seemed like it was never going to end, which made the young male all the more antsy to get somewhere where he could be alone. Alone and at peace. When it came to classes, it was sometimes a struggle - even more so when the other students just didn't want to be quiet and pay attention. It was rough on him for being so far away from home, but even more so when he was timid and shy of being around others. His ears remained flat against his skull as he wrote down the last bit of notes that were being written on the board before he tensed, pelt ruffling up. His eyes widen a bit before a deep sigh escaped from his throat at seeing the ball of piece of paper rolled to the wall. Yep, sometimes these other students just didn't care and always enjoyed picking on him or did anything to toy with him. It caused his curled tail to tighten a bit more before shifting his weight in the seat before the bell rang for the next class. Thank goodness. No more classes for him today.

Audius got up, grabbing his bag and sliding in his folders and zipping it up, no need to have someone try to knock everything out, right? That happened way to many times and you'd think he'd learn from the first time? The Akita shifted a bit, his eyes softened faintly as he got up and started to head towards the door, before he grunted and stumbled as some students pushed right past him, causing him to stumble into some of the desks. Audius remained where he was for a few minutes, biting his bottom lip before shaking his head and huffed faintly. The male shifted his weight, scratching the back of his head before heading down the hallway. Yep, a typical day. Why must they do this to him? Was it because he was quiet? Or that they didn't want someone like him here? There were other anthros in this school, but probably none of them were from Mexico like him, right? His body trembled a bit, a faint groan escaping from his throat before he grunted and a painful yelp escaped from him. Being slammed into a locker, truly giving him a good cut on his forehead, caused him to tremble, body quivering as a faint snarl escaped from his throat.

God, this was really getting out of hand, but he really had no urge to attack - more so create a negative scene. It wasn't like him. The male brushed himself off before walking down another hallway towards his secret room, where he looked around before walking in. The male sighed deeply, shutting the door behind him and locking it, a soft and content smile appeared over his lips. Yes, finally he had two hours to himself and it caused his curled tail to wag happily. As far as he knew, no one came in here, which gave him the piece of mind and quietness that he needs. The dog walked over to the windows, opening the shades to let the light in and a soft grin came over his lips, admiring the scenery of the city. Yes. It really gave him relaxation and easiness as the male shifted his weight, he looked over at the easel that was covered in a gray sheet.

The dog walked over and pulled it off, admiring the beauty of what he was creating, a soft expression came over his face, ears flattened in a relaxed manner, tail wagging happily. A couple more days, just a couple more and this would be finished and then saved like the rest he has created. The dream, the dream of becoming a well known artist was there, but what he used was something that the world wasn't too sure about. It caused the dog to sit down and a deep sigh escaped from his throat, scratching his ear a bit. Yeah, blood wasn't normally a thing that you would normally paint with, but that's what he used. The dog shifted a bit, unzipping his bag, grabbing a container with glistening red liquid and then a small thing of numerous brushes. After setting up, the dog started to go to work, loosing himself once more into the imaginary and beauty of his work.

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