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Serenity {Open, Males}

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1Serenity {Open, Males} Empty Serenity {Open, Males} on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:22 am


Serenity {Open, Males} 288wmrd

The soft flutter of wings sounded as black smoky ashen clouds fell upon the now blackened landscape. A forest fire had just occurred, and nothing but the remains of once a great sea of trees was all that was left over.. The only colorful objects leftover were a few unharmed flowers... and a ball of feathers and fur that was desperately trying to fly. This was Lucah, a creature known as a Tyylikäs' Angel (or Lika for short) had witnessed these unfortunate events and was now trying to retreat to the skies despite it's charred pink wings.

It was a young Lika, only two years old.. At this age the pup would still be with its flock, but it was clear there was no flock insight to retrieve the smoky form. Rough raspy coughs escaped the little ones mouth as it spread out its powdery wings sprinkled with ash, tainting it's silky pink feathers. Loud flapping sounds erupted as he tried to rise from the ground he was damned to. "P-please.." He whimpered quietly as he finally gave up. His wings slouched off his shoulders as he stared blatantly at his ashen stained paws.

His mouth was dry and tasted of smoke, his fur was smudged with charcoal and his eyes were watering. Before the pup was a hollow that he had used to escape the fire, but of course it didn't entirely protect him. His wings took most of the damage, and it would be a few weeks before he could properly fly. This pup was not a very good fighter like most of his species. They were known mostly for their elegance, wisdom, and phenomenal intelligence.. Some were deemed as warriors, but Lucah was not. In fact he was already proposed with the rank "shaman" or "omega" which were both jobs for those with low performance. 

A deep sigh escaped his parted maw as he lay down on the still hot floor, staring at a glowing ember on a twig before softly saying "Good for nothing. I'm just a feather brained nuisance.. Thats why they left me." He said, choked whimpers coming from him as he contemplated retreating to the hollow.  

Normal is just an illusion, for what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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