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;; pain could be pleasurable

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1 ;; pain could be pleasurable on Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:28 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?

It wasn't what he wanted, it wasn't what he expected but here he was and he was of course making a racket once again which caused him to get the hose again. The creature shook himself off, his tail whipping back and forth in frustration, feathers ruffled up as he screeched again and started to pace back and forth in anger. He was just flying around when a rainstorm came through and he hid underneath an oak tree where he thought it was nothing more but an open meadow and then when he woke up, he found himself in this huge room and with two chains around his hind legs, which rattled with his movements. The male snarled and tried to get out of the chains, but it was pointless, causing him to whimper and screech again but seeing the hose coming back out caused him to tense and he moved away, his body quivering as he laid down, his wings covering over his back. His muscles flexing underneath his white-striped pelt, a faint sigh escaped from his throat as he rested his head on his paws. This wasn't what he wanted at all. It felt like his past all over again. 

Being taken in by humans and then all of a sudden after things were nice and gentle turn into abusive and fear. Now, he was back and these humans would hose him down if he did something that they didn't like. What did they want from him? Why were they keeping him here? The Gryphon snorted and got back up, chains jingling and shifting with his movements as he paced back and forth, shaking his head as he tried to fly but he ended up tumbling down to the ground again. The chains were heavy and they had also clipped his wings, making him incapable to fly at all. The beast groaned, shaking his head a bit before he sighed faintly, his tongue rolling over his beak a bit before he tilted his head to the side as he looked around. This place, it was obviously some part of the barn for he could smell horses which caused him to squirm a bit. He loved horses, they were beautiful creatures and it thrilled him to be close to them, but the only time they ever saw him was when they put them into this area with him. 

Of course the humans had something else in mind. They wanted Evan to breed with the horses, stallions, mares, foals - anything! Why? What was the game? It really was confusing to him and he always got the hose of water for he didn't do what they wanted. It caused him to whine faintly as he shook his head as he tensed, his sheath swelling at catching a scent of a female mare in heat, which made him snort and grumble a bit as he shook his head. God, not again. Please, not again. His tail flicked back and forth in frustration and it made him make another screeching noise, which caused all the horses to call back, some of the stallions kicking at the stable doors. Something was coming, someone was coming and it made him unsure on what was going to happen now.

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