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;; think you can tame me

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1 ;; think you can tame me on Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:14 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
The stench of this place was something that he could never get use too, no matter how long he stayed here. How long has he been here anyways? It caused a low growl to escape from his throat, ears flatten a bit against his skull, long tail flicked a bit before it curled over his right leg. The feline sat at the edge of the window, looking outside as numerous people walked in numerous directions, causing the dust to pick up, clouding the area slightly. Noises, so many noises and so many scents out there which was the only time that the thickened stench of piss, blood, shit and steal disappeared. The numerous scents of food and other interesting things would pick up during the day, which caused him to press as close as he could against the bars that made him look around out there. A faint sigh escaped from his throat, wings twitched a bit against his back before flattening against his back as a low mumble escaped from his throat. 

The feline brushed his bangs a bit, closing his eyes a bit as he leaned back against the wall, a faint yawn escaping from his throat, left leg hung over the edge of the edge of the window. One thing to have wings, he was able to fly up to the window that is high up in the cell he lived in to get fresh air and take a look outside. The urge to be free was nipping at his heels for so long since he could remember, but he was stuck here and only time he'd leave was to be someone's pathetic slave. It pissed him off to no end and all he wanted to be was free and do whatever he wanted. Though being born and raised to do whatever was asked of him or to be beaten down til he cave? It was all he knew, which caused the male to growl, kicking the wall in front him and huffed faintly. The male quickly turned his head and watched the guards doing a head count, which of course they stood in front of his, cursing and yelling at him to get down. 

The male snorted, tongue rolling over his lips as a slight chuckle escaped from his throat as he shifted his weight, both legs hanging over the edge. This was a constant routine. He'd get comfortable and then they come and ruin it. It really was something that he hated and damn it all, he just wanted out. So many times he was taken and then brought back for well, this feline wasn't right in the head at all. Manipulative at times and he knew how to use knives and he was always ready to play with one to get what he wanted. The last owner nearly died, but they still caught him and now he was here again in this shit hole. The male huffed a bit, slid off the edge and as if he was floating; slowly came down and landed on his feet before walking over to his bed, flopping on it before giving them the middle finger. Yep, he didn't give a shit. Not even having a real name, he didn't give two shits about either. Who else would want to put up with him? The feline's goal was to kill to be free, no matter what and he gets better each time, which caused a wicked, devilish sneer over his lips.

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