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;; lonely shadow

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1 ;; lonely shadow on Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:56 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Living on her own was surely lonesome and each passing century, it was starting to make her sink deeper and deeper into a dark cloud. The creature was the size of a shire horse without the tail and wings, her pelt was black as black could get. Her skull face and horns really set her apart from anything else but also made her feared whenever she tried to find some kind of companionship. 

The black creature continued to fly over the numerous villages below, enjoying the coolness of the evening, ears perked forward, long tail swaying and twirling on its self as the only time she was able to forget the sadness and aching of her heart was to fly. It was exciting and thrilling to her which caused her body to tremble and low whistling coos escaped from her throat as she twirled and flipped around. 

Hunters were always after her in fear of her causing curses or just bad luck to the areas. Though in reality, she was the one restoring balance, bringing luck to those who really need it, to fix any other issues that seemed to happen around the area. The unique creature continued to fly around, looking around the area to ensure things were fine in the territory that she called home. 

A low trembling cooing chitter escaped from her throat as she started to head towards the mountains. Her cave was there and after flying for as long as she had today, her wings ached and she could use the rest indeed. Of course, that all depended on if she was going to be hunted again tonight. The thought of it, to be so hated and feared caused her to wail a bit as she finally landed on the edge of her where her cave, sighing deeply. Those black wings tucked against her sides, ears flattened against her skull, black eyes scanned around before cautiously approaching her cave.

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