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Ebony Savages

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1Ebony Savages Empty Re: Ebony Savages on Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:54 am


Ebony Savages 6b9103f35b7539d2e4fad81c701c5039

Wisteria, such a gentle soul. Used primarily for dressage and log pulling she was the beauty of Rhododendron Grove Farms. Unfortunately they could no longer keep their mare, and with heavy hearts sold her to a new ranch in hopes that they'd put her to good use. After money was exchanged the trailer was driven down to the ranch and with a loud squealing stop the trailer bounced and halted. The sound of hoof steps could be heard as they nervously paced along the floor, a lopsided neigh coming from the trailer as a man wearing a ball cap jumped out from the truck and over to the trailer.

Inside was Wisteria, a gypsy vanner who stood approximately 65 inches tall and weighed in at 1,400 lbs total. She was a agile and sweet mare with a excellent temperament and renowned in the work of log pulling and jumping. She was supposed to be trained to do western, but her time was cut short and she was sent away to be used for pulling. Who wouldn't miss out on such a excellent opportunity? As the man opened the trailer Wisteria let out a distraught snort and backed away, fearful of the unfamiliar place. The man came in and hooked the lead onto her black halter and coaxed her out with soft words and gentle pets. 

Finally the timid mare stepped out onto the gravel, letting out a worrisome rumble as she shifted her weight. The man softly stroked her neck and whispered comforting words... His voice upset at saddened. This greatly affected how she felt, rearing up and nearly knocking the man she loved so dearly over. Her gold flecked blue eyes stared nervously through her golden locks as she backed into the trailer ramp, repeating the soft grumble sound. Finally after being calmed down a man in a white polo shirt and slacks took Wisteria's lead and walked her into the pasture. She was already fed, rested, and was prepared by her original owner so that once they got her they could work her. 

Her original handler came forth and hugged her neck before stroking her cheek, softly whispering "Goodbye" Before waving and getting back into his truck. Wisteria watched until the rumbling trailer was out of sight, barely paying attention to the man who was already preparing a breast collar for her. They wanted to first test her limit and see how much she could pull, but since she wasn't primarily focused on log pulling they wanted to strengthen her in that category. The man decided to let her get used to her breast collar before pairing her up with the two stallions, hoping by having them near her she would feel more at ease at the pasture and they may help encourage her to pull. After all, in such a new place... and the fact she hadn't pulled a load for a few months, a little tutoring wouldn't be too bad... right?

((Well, yeah not too bad if her tutors weren't two hulking monsters XD))

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2Ebony Savages Empty Re: Ebony Savages on Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:39 am


Wisteria grew up originally at a farm in Maine, bred as simple breeding stock and seen as nothing more. The farm was breeding for color not quality and in result they wanted nothing to with the so called "plain" mare. She was separated from her mother who was being taken back into the recovery stalls, Wisteria being kept on a milk supplement and given blankets and heating pads while she remained in the empty small stall. She remained there until she was 4 months and than a man (her original handler) named Kyle Dawson had came by to pick up a bag of crops and some milk jugs when he passed by the lonely filly. 

It was love at first site, and as soon as he asked about her the breeder asked if he wanted to take her since he was planning to send her off to be used for meat. Of course Kyle took her in a heartbeat and with a small farm with two appaloosa mares he boarded her into his trailer the next day and happily took her home. Wisteria was never around stallions, and only knew the two appaloosa's that would play with her for a few minutes in the pasture when she was a foal. Seeing her potential, Kyle began to slowly break her in and train her firstly with pulling. 

She was given tires, single logs, and even the farm children to pull around to build up her strength. Though he originally planned to make her a champion log puller he wanted to see what else she could do. That was his best decision yet, unlocking her natural love for dressage was something he never regretted. She became a champion at it and rarely came back without a first place trophy. She also did some in-hand jumping, but she never stuck with it completely. Her true passion would forever be dressage, and her past training of pulling was slowly wasting away. Of course Kyle occasionally refreshed her mind, it wasn't enough to harness her potential in that sport. 

Wisteria was never bred, in fact it never even crossed Kyle's mind. He never owned stallions and he wanted to keep only 3 horses, besides he didn't have the capacity for more or the time to raise foals with his new job. Being raised strictly with mares and not even a thought of breeding, she lived a pretty care free life when it came to her estrus cycles. Kyle didn't even pay much attention to when they were in heat, because he never had to worry about a stallion getting to her. Wisteria was actually due to go in heat in a few days to a week, but Kyle nor her knew owners knew that. 

Gentle ears flattened against her skull before perking back up to swivel towards the sounds of gates rattling and a new presence in the pasture. She hesitantly churned around to see whatever had entered her seemingly safe pasture, and to her surprise she saw a stallion that she thought could squish her like a bug.. He was massive and it made her body tremble before him. At least his voice didn't match the ferocity of his appearance, and she managed to shakily reply, "U-uhm.. It's Wisteria, yours?" She said politely, her rump pressed against the gate as her nostrils flared to take in his scent. He smelled quite sweaty, and the faint lingering scent of another stallion and earth could be smelled on him... she wondered if he was out working? Either way she patiently waited for a response, and despite his attempts to look non threatening she still felt intimidated by his size.

Normal is just an illusion, for what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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