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my devils;; kib's plotters

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1 my devils;; kib's plotters on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:05 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Welcome to my plotting area. I've decided its time for me to change things up just a bit as its obvious its all confusing and unsure. I also realized all the babies that I have right now have no plots! I don't know how the hell that happened, but it did. So I'm going to be making their plots first and then slowly add the other plots that I have posted that I want to keep and try here as well.

So, my main enjoyments are the same as to what I posted in my profile. 

  • Pregnancies (including male pregnancy)

  • MxM mainly, will accept MXF if the plot is good and if I know you well

  • Bestiality of any kind, Anthro x Human, Any other pairings

  • Canines, or any species with knots <3

  • So it'll start off with my characters that I have now with their plots and then once those plots are taken - I'll either add more or maybe make more characters. It's unknown yet by far, but we'll see how things go. 

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    2 Re: my devils;; kib's plotters on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:06 pm


    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Aren't your fingers burning?
    My Male Plots;;

    Kavik;; He is a professional doctor and he's damn good at what he does. Though he isn't what you'd call your typical doctor. He deals with males, transgenders and hermaphrodites all day long, every day, every year. He's a penis doctor, aiding on helping any conditions, rather physical, mental, emotional, ECT. He has others under him that are just as good and helps if they need a consult on anything. So if you are insecure or things aren't working out in the bedroom, come down to his building and he'll see what he can do for you.

    Sora;; a creation of mine. More info on it, pm me. Sora is a unique and highly saught after doctor as he can heal and mend any wounds, no matter how serious without doing any surgery. Though there is always a price he endures the harder and more severe cases. Being cold, distant and just a plain asshole; he's not one to easily get along with, but isn't that worth trying to know anyways?

    Rexander;; This border collie is a jack of a few trades. He is the principal of the county academy that goes from freshmen in high school up to senior in collage. This guy is good at what he does, even if a lot of the teachers and students don't see him. Also he has his own model magazine that one his sons is apart of, so he truly is busy all the time, but he never is afraid to have a good time I'd it comes around. Though if it comes to his sons, truly beware for he's overprotective.

    Heka;; A creation snow leopard of mine. He is a cross dresser and proud of it. This young male knows fashion and wants to start his own clothing line one more. Having an overprotective brother, its hard to find friends but sometimes he becomes to flirtatious for his own good to get into trouble anyway. Despite his dreams and passion, he's trying to live his life through high school. He is the adopted son of Rexander Lovitt.

    Kenallie;; A creation snow leopard of mine. This guy is a jerk all around, cold and distant, but the only time he shows somewhat any kind of compassion and care involves with his brother. Over protective, he'll have no problem getting into fights to protect his brother. This guy really has no idea nor care what his future holds, though when it comes to motorcycles, he's good to fix up and remodeling. He is the adopted son of Rexander Lovitt.

    Damien;; He is a hellhound that lives in the county's cemetery. Being the protector of the area, it surely leaves others confused why he'd be out there anyways. Being an outcast of hell, he's trying to make himself part of the world around him now, but of course due to his size and everything else, he is quite a sight to behold, regardless. Despite it all, he is a sweet guy, but people are just fearful in general. 

    Lucca;; Another creation of mine. This young lad is following his dreams of doing digital design / gaming developer designer in the academy. Even though he is limited into a wheelchair, he isn't going to let his dreams die due to his handicap. Also on the side, he enjoys architect designing, so many pursuits that he could follow and live a content life indeed. 

    Jaipur;; This jaguar is beautiful as well as strong. Having the most strongest mammal jaw strength, its best to avoid getting bitten by him. Despite that, he is somewhat fascinated by humans, so humans be cautious if you are going into the jungle. It's unknown what he wants to do with humans, but surely there are a couple stupid, naive ones out there that might answer that question for me. Asides that, he's an excellent hunter and yet to have his own set of cubs.

    My Female Plots;;

    Leah;; This cute bully girl is timid and very shy. Though within time once she gets to know you; she'll be a confident and playful girl that you can trust your most darkest secret with and she'll never judge you. Though be careful, she has two overprotective bull friends that she considers her brothers; so don't dare try to harm her or they'll make you regret it.

    Nia;; This beautiful lass knows how to be a sassy one; which can throw anyone for a loop when its obvious they aren't expecting it from a young bitch. Once she gets to know you, she'll be more easier to hang around and able to break underneath that hard wall she placed up. Though if you blow it, there is no second chances.

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    3 Re: my devils;; kib's plotters on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:15 pm


    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Movie Ideas;;

    Wrong Turn;; Basically its just one idea. Of course you need to have seen any of the movies to know this plot. You also need to be acceptable to gruesome things - like killing and eating humans, ect. If not, this isn't the roleplay for you. Out of all the inbred family, my favorite is Three Finger. Either I can rp him or someone else can, or we can do two different rps where either one, we use him - doesn't matter to me.

  • | - In the younger years - before they were captured and put into a mental hospital, there was another family asides the three brother's family. Out of the family there was a young girl - that actually wasn't deformed at all - in fact she was in good condition asides she couldn't talk but out of her family - she was the best hunter. It was what fascinated Three Finger. They were inseparable. Then the three brothers were taken to the mental hospital and Three Finger never saw her again. Now a bit older and getting stronger each day, the brothers are doing really well. Then one day, Three Finger was on a hunt and he ends up spotting a woman - ready to come up with a plan to attack. Though, unaware to him, she was hunting too. Hunting him. Can be a bit of battle if you want but eventually something or maybe one of them does something that the other remembers and they end up remembering. Rekindle. They end up meeting up secretly - thus making Three Finger mixing blood with a non relative - which can surely spill disaster for both their families. So in secret, they do start their own family.

  • || - We can add things, change things, whatever. Just want there to be a somewhat of a romance thing going on. Or the child / woman doesn't have to be part of a family out there at all. She could have been a child that her parents were killed by Three Fingers' family or something, leaving her an orphan. There are many things we can come up with this XD

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    4 Re: my devils;; kib's plotters on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:16 pm


    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Unique Ideas

  • | - a teenager (male or female/anthro/human/ect) hears the stories about Krampus but thinks its nothing more but fairy tales and Santa Claus, himself. So this teenager is a bad apple and just to scare everyone, they make a costume of their idea of what Krampus looks like. Little does this teenager know that when Christmas comes along, they'll be on the ACTUAL Krampus list and come face to face with the very one. There will be torture, abuse in this thread as Krampus is intended to do to those who are naughty. Could this turn sexual? Possibly, but don't expect it to be sunshine and roses either.

  • || - centuries and centuries, there is a very faint bloodline of Krampus hybrid (human x Krampus) and when the stars are in the right alignment, thus hybrid will be more Krampus then human (despite) having a human form. The father (Krampus, himself) is awaiting for this offspring to which he'll take underneath his wing and continue the bloodline. (Incest? Possibly if its what you want to do. Or there will be victims - others whom have been bad and as punishment get sexually tortured).

  • ||| - up for other ideas of course XD will add more when I think about more!

  • Dinosaur;;
    | - baby bull t-rex born blind and left to die. a lone young bull raptor, cast out of its pack to defend on its own. one would think that the t-rex would be an easy meal for the young raptor, but instead the raptor sees full potential in the baby t-rex. as if it was its own baby, the raptor raised it as its own - but also teaching it how to defend its self.  which as the bull t-rex gets older, the raptor aids in any battle comes forth, making them a strange and unique team. could end up being non-sexual or sexual between the two or they create their own 'pack' of some sort? up for any ideas. all i know is that i want one of them to be blind and the other ends up aiding it. (sort of got the idea from Jurassic World)

  • || - another island is formed and dinosaurs are thriving. A group of friends go there for a camping trip. Want this to be a raptor base rp. the pack will kill any of the people that don't aid into what they want. can be sexual or non, i'm up for any kind of ideas with this. though i'd love to do a raptor x human thread at some point.

  • ||| - another idea was doing a predator x prey roleplay. sexual. rape / torture that can lead into consensual? or can be anything. can be a t-rex with a prey item or a raptor with a prey item? up for any ideas with this.

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    5 Re: my devils;; kib's plotters on Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:24 pm


    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Just came up with another idea.

    Your character will be the daughter of a well known scientist and animal activist woman. They know her mother is secretive and hides important things
    So when the mother gets really ill and unable to do anything, she gives everything in your characters possession.

    There is a secret cabin in the middle of the woods. It's 10 miles either way to the nearest town for any kind of needs. The cabin does have electricity and hot/cold water. Other then that, totally isolated - so there is no device or internet.

    Your character must go out there where there are secret notes posted around. Apparently your characters mother has been taking care of a human that appears to be wild and wishes your character to continue the lessons she has been teaching them. So it surely could lead to romance or sexual curiosity could happen here.

    This is a long term roleplay. We can think up more as things go along. Your character can be male or female. For my feral being can be either male or female as well, unless you want to do a homosexual thread.

    The feral being can be human or actually is part canine of some sort, or feline but no one; even themselves don't know it.

    If anyone is interested, send me a pm please - don't post here.

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    6 Re: my devils;; kib's plotters on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:49 pm


    Aren't your fingers burning?
    Aren't your fingers burning?
    O ;; Bad Deal - numerous males
    O ;; Hidden Scepters - human/anthro or any other species 

    O ;; Play My Bullhorn - accepting more players
    O ;; Not One In The Same - canines or human/anthros

    O ;; Lonely Shadow - any kind of male species
    O ;; Pain Could Be Pleasurable - males and females of any kind
    P ;; Disaster Zoo - private with Kitty8mypie
    P ;; The Princess - private with Submissive Flower

    P ;; Dark Side Of Christmas - private with Kitty8mypie

    O ;; Assassin Of The Jungle - any species, any gender

    O ;; Ebony Savages - any species, any gender
    O ;; Desert Mirages - any horses; prefer a band of zebras xD

    O ;; Think You Can Tame Me - dominating male; slave/master thread
    O ;; A Robbery Gone Right - male needed with unknown bi-tendencies to break in my boy <3

    O ;; Shatterglass - males within the gypsy way of life
    P ;; Broken Down Circus - private with Ellipse
    O ;; Show Me Where The Wild Things Are - any wild canine
    O ;; Thy Duke For Hire - several females needed in this thread
    O ;; Show Me The Light - a patient male, willing to aide her not everything is bad
    O Make My Heart Go Boom - she's a big girl, be ware studs. Rought sex.

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