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bitter sweet endings;; kiba's characters

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1 bitter sweet endings;; kiba's characters on Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:13 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Welcome to Hell. Literally. This is where you'll find yourself toasty warm - even more so if its cold where you are. I'm always willing to give warm hugs to anyone who wishes to have one. ^^ So come and take a look to what I have and maybe I've got one that might be of interest to you. Just please don't post here, send me a pm if you are interested.

Things I'll do;;
M x M
F x F
Male Pregnancies (yes male pregnancies)
Inter species
Plotted Roleplays
Drawn out Roleplays
Realistic mating scenes (including Inter species)
Deep penetration (realistic)
Stuffed with come (realistic)
Plots based on Anime shows
Multiple Orgasms 
Sheath play 

Things I won't do;;
Blood/Gore (a little is okay, not death threatening)
Torture of any kind
Master / Slave
M x F (only if I know you REALLY well will I do this) 
Unplotted roleplays 
Quick to sex roleplays (will do if I'm needy D:) 
Vore (within reason, depends if I have plot or not)
Cannibalism (within reason, depends if I have plot or not)

¤ I don't like godmoding nor powerplaying, so please don't do it, unless I give you permission to do so. It's just rude and not good roleplayer skills. So please be aware of doing so and I'll do the same. Don't know what that is, look it up.

¤ I like to have proper grammar. I can understand that you might misspell a word or two here and there and that's fine. It's only human to make mistakes. But just try your best to keep up with it. Yes, this even includes chatspeak or making words shorter. I won't allow it, spell it out. So no 'bfs', 'btw', 'wtf', ect. I won't reply until its corrected. If it's not corrected, I'll drop the thread all together. This is REAL roleplaying, not im roleplaying.

¤ As for word requirement, I won't accept anything any lower then 150 words. I've cut down my word limit so that way it'll be easier for some people to roleplay with me. But anything lower then 150 words, you'll be asked to edit the post to ensure that they match my requirements. 

¤ Being over 18, I would like to roleplay adult content of any shape and form, so if that's something you can't handle, rping with me isn't the best option.

¤ I understand that we all have lives and sometimes can't post as much as we want too. More then that, sometimes we lack in muse with certain threads and that's fine. What I don't like about it is that I don't get informed that's what's happened and have a thread completely abandoned or moved to the archives. So please, if you can't come up with a post due to lack of muse or other means, let me know so I can mark the thread on hold until its able to to be active again.

¤ I don't want to get a pm saying, "can so and so be mates with so and so?" No, that'll be a total deny. If you want to try them out to see if it'd work, then ask to have a thread and I'll see how it goes since each one of my characters are looking for that certain lover that'll be good. Not just that, but I really want drawn out threads where sex ISN'T the main focus.

¤ You do not, DO NOT need to ask to join a thread. With all my threads, I post my requirements on what I want to happen in the thread. If your interested in it, post. If you have questions or concerns, please send me a PM. DO NOT post in the thread to join. But if you must ask to join, send me a pm, please. I want to keep OCC out of my roleplays as much as possible. So at anytime will there be a question or any other means, please send me a PM. I don't want to have an OCC party in the IC thread I have. Thank you.

¤ As for having realistic mating scenes, deep penetration, over stuffing  I mean REALISTIC. That means, all male dogs have a knot (bulbus) and if used; rather it male or female, they are tied together for 20 - 35 minutes. Also, canines don't have a dick that is 10 inches or what have you. Need help figuring such details out, use a damn ruler! I'll be happy to help you if you want to get really into detail about your character's sex organs. Having a Dachshund with a 8 inch penis is not realistic. Nor a Great Dane having a 12 inch penis. Not possible in any shape or form. ALSO, if doing heterosexual roleplays, I'm pretty sure everyone knows or should know that if you hit the cervix, you'll be in pain (males & females!) there is no pleasure there. Also, its HIGHLY impossible to invade the cervix. The female would be screaming bloody murder and bleeding horribly due to such trauma and the male would be in major pain - if not have a broken penis. More so in this case, a dog's penis has a bone, so no doubt the bone would be broken. It's not realistic, so please, do research about it! I can't say it enough, be REALISTIC!

---- what is this new thing of breeding season? 
  well, my characters have a breeding season for it makes sense for one as they are animals - not truly humans. Also, I admit, I have a fetish for pregnancies or anything that'll lead to such activities! It makes things interesting. So that's why you see a season there. Just to spice somethings up a bit.

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2 Re: bitter sweet endings;; kiba's characters on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:37 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Name;; Kavik Tavuka
Age;; 32 years
Sex;; Dog {male}
Breed;; Timber wolf
Race;; Anthro {mortal}
Status;; Single
Orientation;; Bisexual, more male lean
Virginity;; Anal virgin
Occupation;; Penis, male reproduction doctor
Unique Features;; Curled tail, blue eyes, semi-feminine

Name;; Rexander Lovitt
Age;; 31 years
Sex;; Dog {male}
Breed;; Border Collie
Race;; Anthro {mortal}
Status;; Single
Orientation;; Bisexual
Virginity;; Anal Virgin
Occupation;; County's Academy Principle, Owner of own magazine / clothing line
Unique Features;; Blue eye and red eye, overly fluffy despite well easily seen muscular build, very tall for a collie (6'2)

Name;; Damien Scott
Age;; Ageless
Sex;; Dog {male}
Breed;; Siberian Husky Hellhound
Race;; Anthro {ageless}
Status;; Single
Orientation;; Bisexual, male lean
Virginity;; Anal Virgin
Occupation;; Cemetery Gate Keeper/Guard
Unique Features;; Black and red, long forked tongue, black horns, black slitted eyes

Name;; Lucca
Age;; 19 years - appears
Sex;; Ram {male}
Breed;; Ram Demon
Race;; Being {ageless}
Status;; Single
Orientation;; Unknown
Virginity;; Virgin
Occupation;; College Student, works at a game - electrionic store
Unique Features;; Horns, but remain hidden unless he trusts you; including his demon form.

Name;; Sora Lochore
Age;; 22 years - appears
Sex;; Male
Breed;; Deathwalker {my own creation}
Race;; Being {ageless}
Status;; Single
Orientation;; Bisexual
Virginity;; Virgin
Occupation;; Trauma, ICU Surgern Doctor
Unique Features;; A mask is always attached to him. The rest will be literally be the death of you.

More coming

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