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Chemistry of Mating

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Innocence lost. (o)

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1 Innocence lost. (o) on Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:06 pm



Meet Danny. Danny lives in a post apocalyptic world where werewolves are basically gods. All humans are simply just things to be used as maids, mates..whatever these wolves want. Danny is one of the few who has managed to live free of this menace, until one day an evil wolf finds him. Running for his life and freedom, he stumbles across a secret pack in the woods that allows humans to live peacefully alongside them--except for the fact that the humans are in essence sex slaves to these "gods." So now, Danny is presented to the pack only to be chosen by the Alpha. This alpha is gentle and kind, and almost immediately falls in love with the sweet and rather innocent Danny. What will happen to this coupling? Will it last, or will this pack be found and killed for their betrayal to the werewolf species?
The petite male gulped as he was manhandled towards the center of the clearing, his bright green eyes darting around nervously. Some of them were wolves, some were human. It was a relatively neat camp, but you could definitely see which ones were the humans. They were smaller, and scantily clad for their werewolf master's pleasure. Danny was shivering, as they had already made him take off his shirt and pants, his thin frame trembling with fear and cold. Murmurs from the crowd could be heard, "There's a pretty one." "I kinda want him." "The alpha's supposed to be out here soon.."  Alpha. The word frightened him, his teeth now chattering as a hush fell over the crowd gathering. Danny could tell.
The Alpha was coming.

[Just jump in with a pic of your character! He has to be kind of rough and dominant, as he is a werewolf, but don't hurt Danny too bad. C: ]

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