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It's A SledgeHammer {O}

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1It's A SledgeHammer {O} Empty It's A SledgeHammer {O} on Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:52 pm


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting
It's A SledgeHammer {O} 9tzi36
(Must have a spirit animal to join)
Nick opened the stall door, a large wolf trotting out. The wolf known as Bane was his spirit. Standing at his waist and nothing like a puppy. "C'mon Bane. It's time you come to my house. " he said rubbing Bane's back. Bane growled This isn't my first tims Nick. he said with a roll of his eyes. Nick simply gave a laugh "I know that now lets go." He said walking tkwards the stall opeining. His friend waved as her tiger hissed at Bane in which Bane snarled. Pushing along they finally made it to the front of the forest. Nick took no time and simply began pushing through the shrub. Nick didn't have to take a car or anything knowing it wasn't to far. Bane however was skeptical of the place since it had a bad reputation. Tongue washing over his muzzle as Nick continued on. Bane was close to his side and was akways checking the air and glancing around, "Bane we are fine." Nick said in a bit of a harsh tone. Bane's eyes narrowed before sighing.

Though half way to the cabin a group of rogue drakes had grouped searching for food. The two pushed on meaning no trouble when one began tailing them, giving off blood curdling purr like sounds. Finally Bane gave a growl and whipped around. The Drakes spreading its wings. The other Drakes and their humans appearing. Nick! You know what this means. Bane growled a strange light forming in his mouth. Nick grinned awaiting his wolf's 'present'. Bane snarled before a large hammer like object appeared in his mouth. It was massive and the hammer like part was almost as big as Nick. Nick wiggled his fingers before grabbing the hammer like object. One of the masters cocked his head before a samurai sword and a gun appeared in some of the masters hands. "What the fuck is that?" they laughed as bane let the object rest on his shoulder.

Nick grinned "It's a sledgeHammer." He grinned before lifting it and smacking it against the ground. The masters and drakes slamming against the trees. Bane snarled and leapt at one, viscously attacking the human. Nick lifted the hammer up as one attempted to wack him with a sword. Swinging the hammer across the man. The man howled in pain before slicing Nicks cheek. It was a small graze and Nick simply let the hammer smash against the ground once more. The man fled after that. Two others began attacking Bane in which Nick gladly wacked them as well. A drake than pinned Nick down, tearing at his jacket. Bane finished off its master before latching onto the Drakes throat. Nick grabbed the hammer quickly before smashing it against the drake. A few were dead and the rest gone. The hammer disappearing.

Nick panted as well Bane did. Taking no time to get out of there. Though still a long way.. The fight didnt last long, but still did some damage to the two. Hoping they wouldnt confront anyone else.

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