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Tripping On Wires

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1 Tripping On Wires on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:34 pm


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting
Hello, I am MuseWolf also known as Muse! Of course there is nothing super spectacular or special about me. I love HTML and BB so most of my roleplaying will be using those. If you orefer me not to use HTML than simply just let me know. I enjoy almost every type of rp including MXM roleplays. It has always been a favorite, but I also love FXM. Now before I bore you any further with my constant yacking I might as well let you know ehat I will NOT tolerate if you respond to me with. If you are looking to roleplay with me I highly suggest making sure to read this first.

°I Will Not Respond To The Following°

· Power playing.
It makes me irritated to the point where I just say no.

· God Modding
Same thing with powerplaying. I hate it so please don't.

· Rape
If you rape my character I will either abandon the rp or you must edit it. Unless I give you permission please avoid this.

Absolutely I will not even bat an eyelid at the 'flawless'. Everyone has their flaws so please don't make it out that your perfect. News flash.. Your not.

Any questions than PM me. I will respond as quick as possible.

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2 Re: Tripping On Wires on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:54 pm


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting
Please respect my preferences. 

~ I will not do ~
I understand its realistic, but I will not do it.
- Rape
I will not do it unless your a good friend. It is just bothering and It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Heavy Gore
Spilling guts? Eating hearts? This isnt the hunger games.
- Massive Age Difference
79 year old men and little girls don't mix. So sorry, no.

 ~ I will do ~
- Incest
Self explanatory.
- Lust.
Self Explanatory.
- Casual Sex.
Not preferred, but will do.
- Forbiddon Romance
Who doesn't enjoy these?!
- Forbidden love.
I'm a sucker for forbidden love, I'll join any thread that has forbidden love.
I am a sucker for this XD
- Rough sex 
I'm fine with begging characters as long as its not rape.
- FxM
Classic, don't relly care much for.
- Dominant & Submissive Characters
Either one is good.
- Pregnancy 
Love rping offspring.

 ~ Favorites are ~
- Knotting.
- interspecies.
- Playing both genders.
- Rough sex.

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3 Re: Tripping On Wires on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:56 pm


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting
Topic Tracker


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4 Re: Tripping On Wires on Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:00 pm


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting

[In Progress]

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