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Chemistry of Mating

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What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
x dream x weaver x o Sailorbunbun_by_koru_adopts-d7f0w7z
summary ;; your character has been having strange dreams of a rabbit girl. However, one day you wake up and she's real. She is a race of species created from the dreams of anyone, and shaped by whoever dreams. I'd like a feudal Japan vibe so she can be called a demon.

x dream x weaver x o White_bunnies_divider_by_dracomin-d5dea7i

She woke up with a gasp, pressing her paw like hands against her chest as she soon stared at her hands. Why... was she here? She was not suppose to be in this plain of existence, she had to get back home. She touched her body, before pinching her cheek and recoiling in pain. "No, no..." She trailed off with a shaky breath, rising to her feet.

She made her way towards the room of the man that had created her, almost wobbling as she adjusted to this. The man had named her Usagi, didn't he? "Hello? Wake up!" She said with a shaky breath, falling onto her knees.

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