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x untamed x o

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1 x untamed x o on Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:36 pm


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
plot ;; wild stallion is captured (your character c:) and is put in a tight spaced breeding paddock with my character, well they both breed and he convinces her to escape with him. Since she's a pretty popular and famous horse around the ranch people will be searching for them, they can give birth to a foal and we can introduce more horses for some drama maybe? Wink

- x -

Blueberry had gone into her estrus, simple enough. It was her first time, and quite frankly she was a bit nervous. She expected her stud to have no trace of virginity on him. Most of the males here had been bred more than once, as one of the ranch workers guided her towards the breeding paddock they closed the tall, tight pen. Just big enough for two horses, she pressed herself up against the other side. She waited for the others to bring the male, just wanting to get it over with.

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2 Re: x untamed x o on Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:16 am

(Hi, I'm new here.. I'll try to do my best) Smile 
Thought this was the perfect stallion! 

Even though Warrior had been captured from the wild, which was weeks ago now, STILL didn't understand any of it. He didn't understand the two legged folks, or their corrals, or their boxes, ANY of it. Just a few days ago he'd accepted a halter and a lead, but refused to ever let one more than stroke his nose. He wanted to escape, back where he came from, looking back at the metal pen he was corralled in the thoughts once again shattered. None of this made sense! He was only 3, and a nice looking colt, very well built physically and mentally. Of course he had no idea this was why the humans had kept him and planned to breed him. 

He was so deep in his thoughts, he didn't even see the humans approaching with a halter. The one man offered Warrior the halter. The stallion snorted and ran to the other side of the round corral. A lasso was then thrown around his neck and he was haltered, forcibly. He wondered where he was being lead to as they brought him down the drive of the ranch. He passed stallions and broodmares, foals and horses being worked in the riding ring until finally he was taken to a small private pen that was a bit more isolated than the others. However.. it wasn't empty.

As he stepped in the gate his eyes lit up, everything did, when he spotted the young mare, and to his shock, the most beautiful mare he'd ever seen - and he grew up in a herd of them!

Even though he was still clipped to the lead rope, naturally he proudly arched his neck and pawed the ground. He snorted, flipped his tail, flickered his ears trying and make eye contact with her. He heard the gate shut, lead unclip and the human jump out. He started towards her slowly. Warrior was inexperienced, he never bred a mare and didn't even notice her scent at first. 

(haha I know the intro is long.. hope this is ok)

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