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;; take it all, i dare you {o}

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What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
;; take it all, i dare you {o} _custom__forged_artifacts_by_corviture-d8teh4f

It felt like Latern had been alone for centuries. She didn't mind, in fact she was use to his. Alone, only coming out to speak with another of their kind when it came to breeding and raising a clutch of eggs. Latern didn't mind, she was use to the alone time most dragons recieved. However, she would never come to enjoy the feeling of flight. Something that pained her, troubled her. But to make up for such a deformity, she was swifter, faster. Long limbs to help her roam through plains and outrun the fastest of predators or dragons she did not wish to be with. Latern enjoyed it, but also was ashamed. Breeding was never a topic on her mind, only doing it once - out of all of the eggs, only one had survived. Her sole daughter, had wings. So it was a birth defect, hatching without wings. Instead she was rewarded with raw crystals growing out of her. Two purple horns forming over the eons.

Despite being a couple of hundreds of years old, Latern was quite young. She had a thing for human babbles, collecting strange odd and ends that were much to large for her. And today was nothing different, she was searching for abandoned human artifacts, her long and powerful legs easily gliding over the terrain as she soon came to a skidding halt. A foreign scent filled the roof of her nostrils, what? he had not scented such a being before. Was it a predator? She had to investigate. 

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2;; take it all, i dare you {o} Empty Re: ;; take it all, i dare you {o} on Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:04 am


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
Ah, the rumbling roar that vibrated through the land was a male. Lantern had no clue the time to breed had come to swiftly. It had only felt like a few years since that had last happened, she glanced at the long, jagged, crystals at her haunches. Surely that would be a pain in the arse to deal with for those who tried to mount her. The furred dragon's ear flicked, scanning the forest as she pressed against a tree. Almost toppling it over as she silently apologized to it. The roar soon faded, echoing through her ear. She was hesitant to respond, a quick fling was always interesting. But if she ended up pregnant. Now that was another question, raising a clutch without wings could be difficult. Teaching them how to fly, she might as well lay the eggs in another clutch's nest. However, she responded. Not with confidence however, the dragon with crystals in her coat let a faint rumble of a roar. Surely it would not get to the male.

But she began to follow the noise, trying to pinpoint where the call had come from as her mane swayed in the slight breeze. Her tail dragging after her, her paws digging into the crisp earth as she began to stride off again. Long powerful steps as she made her way through the growth, her ears shoved forward as she let another rumble escape her throat. Surely this would be interesting, if not it would be much similar to her last encounter.

Her paws came to a halt as she listened to the faint sound of something moving, something coming towards her. The female raised her head, trying to pick up the location of the sound. Where was this beast? Or was it a female in hopes they would find a male? She shook her head, blue toned eyes studying the area.

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3;; take it all, i dare you {o} Empty Re: ;; take it all, i dare you {o} on Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:05 pm


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
Lantern picked up the pace, treading over the terrain with ease as she listened for any more noise. None, just yet. But she headed in the straight direction, weaving past anything that came in her way. Another rumble escaped her throat, ears perking as she carried on through the woods. Breaking into a clearing every now and then, she began to focus on the breeding. Did she want this? Well, she did if she was heading towards the sound. Lantern couldn't put it into place why, maybe just a good time? To be a mother again, or the sweet sensation of another? She snorted, she'd figure it out when the time came. But nonetheless, she did want it. Her tail dragging behind her as she broke out into a gallop. Each step faintly rumbling the ground, lowering her head.

Again, it was confirmed a male. She wouldn't of minded trying her gander with a female, exploring each other and mucking around like hormonal yearlings. She stretched out, picking up her gallop as the wingless beast kept charging through the woods until she spotted the one with the confident calls. She let another one rumble in her chest, ears perking. She would wait for him, staring patiently.

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