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Music's Babies

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1Music's Babies  Empty Music's Babies on Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:34 pm


Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
I'll keep all my characters here and slowly add more. I have a lot them honestly and a lot need to be updated and redone so it'll be slow going. Also most of them are human or human like. I haven't written a animal unless it was a pet in a story or if it's something 'were' in forever. I might be talked into playing a animal if the idea is really good.

Music's Babies  Wqo4yh
N a m e ||
Charlotte Anna Salvatore
P r e f e r r e d + N a m e ||
She goes by Charlie.
A g e ||
Frozen at 18- Age 289
Born- June 2 1725
G e n d e r ||

O r i e n t a t i o n ||
 / /
P l a y + B y ||
Haven't found a good picture for her yet.
Music's Babies  97mmn4
H e i g h t ||
H a i r + C o l o r ||  
Wavy dark chestnut hair that stops half way to the middle of her back.
E y e + C o l o r ||  
Dark emerald green
W e i g h t ||  
B r e a s t + S i z e ||
T a t t o o ||  
Tattoo and placement on her left hip
Tattoo and placement
A tattoo in white ink on the inside of each wrist. Left Right
Tattoo on her right arm
B i r t h m a r k s ||  
Freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks
O t h e r ||  
Scars scattered over her body, most of them she had gotten from the two years she was a monster. Cuts and scratch marks, that were never properly taken care of. Marks from the shackles digging into her skin for too long. A puckered, nasty looking starting a few inches from the small of her back and stopping between her shoulder blades just missing her spine on the left. Burn marks in random places.
Music's Babies  2z8p3t4
B r i e f + P e r s o n a l i t y ||
Charlie can be a very complex person. The Dhampir can be the most immature person on the plant, acting no better then a child at times. Probably has to do with being so old, being almost 300 years old can get to a person. She is mature when the time calls for it. Normally Charlie is a easy going person, very go with the flow and has done something at three in the morning because she wanted to. Has a great sense of humor, if not a little dark and twisted.. or a lot. It all depends on who she is with. Is a sassy little fucker and knows it. Very stubborn too, loves to push buttons some days and cause trouble.  She can be a very sweet person, cares about people and has the tendency to try and bring home strays. She can be a sucker for a sap story and big watery eyes. She'd be that friend that pulls you out of a dark place and smacks sense back into you.  Other days she can be the biggest bitch in the world, and gives zero fucks to caring and the world in general. She has a fiery temper and you will know when she is angry. She has a dark side, a monster that lives just under the surface that leaks through at times. You push her far enough and the woman snaps, unleashing a blood thirty monster that doesn't stop. Charlie can be a scary person, dark, twisted, will enjoy bringing pain and listening to them beg for their life. This is the side you hardly see, she tries to keep the monster locked up and under control. There's a line you don't cross and if you do you pray for your life.  
U n c o m m o n T r a i t s ||
Being a Dhmpir, Charlie has all the advantages  of a vampire. The speed, strength, being able to compel people and being immortal. Yet she is still half human, a heart beating fresh clean healthy blood into her body, making her stronger then most vampires. Her body it tougher then a normal humans but she still can get hurt, vervain, and wood are just a few things that can seriously hurt her.  She still has that blood lust a vampire does. She drinks blood and need it if she is badly hurt,starved or fighting. She can live without the blood but it isn't pretty, she turns pretty crabby when she doesn't have blood. Turns paler and looks more dead then alive. Also being part human means she needs sleep and to eat like a normal person would. She can also get sick but but for some reason for Charlie, the flu or common cold are ten times worse for her. She gets very dramatic and whiny when she is sick, thinks shes dying. When a vampire all your emotions are amplified, you feel things ten times stronger it feels like . It's worse for Charlie, she still has her soul, still having your soul, humanity and everything you feel is amplified? It's murder for her some days. Quite literally some days. Most of the time she has her emotions under control. There are days she slips and it normally ends in someone's death.
L i k e s ||
Her family/ friends- Sketching/painting- Fast cars- Reading- Fixing a junker car- Libraries, preferably old ones- Older buildings- Warm chocolate chip cookies- Most junk food out there- Sleeping without nightmares- Laying in the sun- Dancing- Cuddling- Lazy days- Thunder storms- Being sassy and back talking- Some days fighting/arguing-
D i s l i k e s ||  
Loosing someone- Having to run at times- The cold- Having to wake up early- People who underestimate her- At times living so long and being what she is- Loosing control of herself- Not being able to fix a car- Not being able to save someone
R e p u t a t i o n ||  
In the Vampire world shes known to be more of a good person. To the normal world shes known as a bad girl and a good person.
O c c u p a t i o n ||
Miss Charlotte Salvatore
J o b + D e s c r i p t i o n ||
Charlie has had many jobs. At the time she doesn't have a job and is going to high school.
Music's Babies  2vulb9e
M o t h e r ||  
Mary Salvatore-UnDead
F a t h e r ||  
Benjamin Salvatore-Dead
O l d e r + B r o t h e r ||
None that she knows of.
O l d e r + S i s t e r ||
None that she knows of.
W o m b + S h a r e r ||  
Y o u n g e r + B r o t h e r ||
Y o u n g e r + S i s t e r ||  
S t e p + F a m i l y ||  color
O t h e r ||  
Finn is like her big brother/father.
H i s t o r y ||  
Charlie's mom was pregnant with her when she was turned thous turning Charlie into a half breed. After she was born she was abandoned at a young age of five, she had been left in the woods to die. Wondering around calling out for her mom Charlie was found by someone else a vampire named Finn who took her in and raised her. Charlies body stopped changing at age eighteen and she's now frozen looking at age. She now lives with Finn in his hometown, she does her best to stay under the radar and out of trouble.
Music's Babies  Ek54zl
T y p e + o f + H o m e ||
Homeless, Shack, Motel, Apartment, Cottage, House, Farm, Mansion, Penthouse.
L o c a t i o n ||
Inner City, City, Urban Suburban, Rural
L a y o u t ||  
Kitchens (#1), Bedrooms (7#), Bathrooms (#6), Living Rooms (#2), Dinning Rooms (#1), Basements (1) & Studies (#4)
F i n a n c i a l + S t a t u s ||  
Upper Class
T r a n s p o r t a t i o n ||
Her 1973 Ford
M o n e y + I n + W a l l e t ||
$ 27.45
H i r e d + H e l p ||
Music's Babies  2n8side
S e x u a l + L i k e s ||
Working on it.
S e x u a l + D i s l i k e s ||
Working on it.
S e x u a l + F a n t a s i e s ||
I will fill this in.....
P a r t n e r s ||  
No one right now.
C r u s h i n g ||
No one.
C h i l d r e n ||

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