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Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots}

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1Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Empty Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} on Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:29 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Hmm. . . There's not much to know about myself. It's pretty obvious I just joined, was debating for a bit on joining for a while but I decided why not? But, looking at some of the other threads I'll get down to it--

Things I will RP:
HumanxAnother Species
Drawn Out RPs

Things I will not RP:
*Indicates I can, but prefer not to.
*Male (I play females better. Let's leave it at that.)
*BDSM (I haven't exactly looked into this, however, in the future I may.)

Other than that, it's good to meet you. (: PM me for further details or if you'd like to RP, I will admit it's been a bit since I last RPed due to my schedule. . . but I look forward to it otherwise!

If you see one you like in particular you can always ask me to use them in an RP~ Of course I will make up characters along the way for differing RPs. Also, some of these characters can adapt to fit the RPG, and can but in multiple if wanted.
Lexie (Lex) -In use-:
Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} QUNvjXfm
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Furry - Unknown species, most likely to be a mixed dog.
Mental Appearance: Honestly, Lex has a very wide set of emotions. Mostly due to the fact she's had to learn to play a facade. Over the years of doing this she's lost what personality she really possesses. However, most can note when she's not really doing anything she's quiet and lax in nature.
Appearance notes:
** On the back of her neck is a tattoo symbolizing her owning to her pimp.
History: Sold into Sex Trafficking at the age of thirteen by her father and mother who had needed money in order to survive. Lexie, who's name was shortened later on in order to keep things simple, was raised up by the pimp that took her in. Of course, she only knew him by "daddy", so did the few other girls there, and from there on he took both care of the girls. In return, they were to go out, get a certain set amount of money, and then return home to be taken care of for a few days before being sent back out again. If they had returned home without the set amount of cash, they would be frowned upon by most of the girls there, and daddy would then kick them out. Luckily, Lex never dealt with that. Leading for her to be one of the prime contributors and role models.

In her time she was set out, she's had both affairs with males and females, which led her to figure out she enjoys both sexes. Though, due to the fact she's gotten with more males it feels like she prefers that.
** Hmm. . . Well she's sure not a virgin, eh?
** She also has something known as Stockholm syndrome towards her daddy.
**She's one of the few characters of mine that can adjust to RPGs.

Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} ZrSvIf1
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Canine - Australian Shepherd
Mental Appearance: Generally naive, enjoys meeting new people and other species. Can be classified as an air-head occasionally. However, she is protective and good-natured even so.
** Weighs - 49.3 pounds
** Height - 21 inches
Mate: N/A
Children?: N/A
In heat?: Yes
** She is domesticated. But if she's wanted in a feral setting I can work with that also.

Nicole Hoffman:
Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Beauti10
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Sign: Cancer
Mental Appearance: Nicole is a pretty insecure girl, having social anxiety that leaves her awkward in most social situations. While some may see her as shy, it's mostly the insecurity speaking. But along with that she tends to be very quiet and passive sport.
History: Raised along the borders of Ohio and Michigan, Nicole was your pretty average girl who didn't have many stories to tell. She had a knack for writing, which stunned her teachers at such young ages. And later she grew to develop that hobby even more when she started entering her works into contests. Winning several prizes.

On top of all that her parents were divorced, and because her mother was basically insane she chose to live with her father. He was often gone and working, but they had a steady father/daughter relationship when he was around.

After graduating with high A's and B's, several scholarships, and hardly any planning to what she exactly wanted to do with her future, she attended the local college and still lives at her dads for the time being.
** She is a virgin.
** Currently attending the college with an unknown career path. She most likely will try and become an author.

Amity -in use-:
Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Tumblr10Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Fc9d6f10
Age: 20 human years
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual - Prefers females.
Mental Appearance: Despite her name meaning "peaceful", Amity is quite the mischief maker. She enjoys teasing and taunting. She's also a complete extrovert, enjoying the company of others and exploring the world about her. She may seem distant when it comes to what she feels, leaving a big gap between her and others.
** Weight - 120 lbs {human}
** Height - 5'6 {human}
** In her wolf form she is the general size of a Grey Wolf.
History: Amity, born to Nikuta--mother--and Zhiro--father. Her parents were the Alpha's of their pack, which was a small knit group of werewolves that were very close to one another. They lived peacefully, roaming the forests of northern Canada in their wolf forms. Because they were what they considered "Full Breeds", they didn't need the full moon in order to transform. And, because of this they were able to translate between both forms quite easily with practice.

When Amity was a teenager she was introduced to the idea of either staying with the pack or leaving for her own accords. As much as Amity loved her pack and her parents, she felt the need to go off on her own. And so she did.

When she was 17 she met and fell what she thought was love with another werewolf named Bane. They were together for a while, however, it ended quickly after they discovered she had a miscarriage without explanation. He left her that night, leaving her alone. She moved on without him, but she still feels lonely inside because of it.

She's still wandering to this day, never really staying long.

Mate: Bane - { Left her after the miscarriage }
Children: Miscarriage when she was 17 by an accidental impregnation.
** She is a loner, traveling around southern Canada and the northern US.
** She is not a virgin.

Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} 610
Age: Unknown
Gender:  Female
Sexuality: Pansexual, she doesn't care.
Species: Kitsune 
Rank: Goddess - Also known as the mother of Tricks.
Mental Appearance: She likes entertainment and people pleasing her. Praise also lands you a in a good spot. But on a serious note, she's pretty self explanatory. She's mischievous, playful, and enjoys lying and playing other people like no tomorrow. And does she care one bit? Nope. Being a goddess she has no worry. 
History: Kuzu was created very long ago. So long ago she can't even recall her first years of birth--let alone the first one hundered. Overtime she grew popular among Japan, her children--the Kitsune's--becoming known also closely after. Overtime she grew to be known as a goddess who would punish those who were foolish and disrespected her by playing tricks and lying to them. Those who get to meet her have either been unable to please her, handle her, or have even gone crazy when she goes overboard.
** Kuzu has shrines set up around Japan that she can visit whenever she wants. She likes to see if people keep up on them, and if not the whole village or area can be punished.
** She's able to use blue fire magic, along with transform into nine different forms, and even become invisible. 
** Not a virgin.

Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} 510
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight, even though she'd had to discipline other female Succubi. 
Species: Succubus
Rank: Disciplinary 
Mental Appearance: Controlling, passionate, vicious, alluring.
History: Lux is the middle Succubi sister of Ava (elder) and Ira (younger). Their mother was the Queen, so to say, of their large clan of Succubi that she had gathered over the years and centuries. Quickly, after they had been taught the basics and gained their ability to fly, the three sisters were thrown into the system that Succubi had created. Her elder sister was a "Fetcher", one of the few that would go and have sex with the males that had been marked by those like her younger sister, who chose the best males fit for taking semen from. And, Lux was given the glorious job of punishing those who were bad. From any Succubus who failed at their given task or broke rules, to males who had been abducted and used up. She enjoyed her job, and still does. She's been doing this for god knows how long. . . 
** Her backstory can again be changed up to match plots and RPGs.
** Not a virgin

Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} GtEWE3E
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Peryton varition
Rank: Goddess Of Miracles
Mental Appearance: Calm, graceful, elegant.
History: Upon her creation, Iuna was blessed with the ability to grant a miracle to those who she deemed worthy of it. Usually, she blessed different creatures--staying and keeping her distance from humans--however, once humans became aware of her presence they began to hunt her down for different reasons. Mortals began to create "shrines" in order to summon her and be blessed by her magic. Though, she was quite neutral about the whole thing. For thousands of years she hid in the dense forests around the world--changing location every few years or when she really needed to. She rarely uses her powers, though, and she likes to keep her distance from other gods.
** She cannot speak, she speaks telepathically.
** The horn on her head possesses her magic.
** She's able fly, but it seemed more like a hover.
** She's a virgin.

** Human girl is abducted as a sort of present for a Vampire's brother or sister--your choice--to be used as they please. Would prefer if the vampire didn't rape her, possibly a progressive romance and possible vampire change?
** College party with lots of drinking leads to some. . . activities.
** {Kuzu} Upon visiting a shrine you break or damage a valuable, ancient relic that was important to the goddess. Upon noticing she visits you and demands you fix what damage has been done in the way she wants.
** {Lux} Your character is being held by the Succubus to be punished by Lux, you could choose the reason being they had been used up already or they got too close with a Succubi/was going to give them away.
** {Iuna} Possibly having your character be another God, they could try to make Iuna theirs or get a blessing out of her.
**More to come. . . I'm always open to more ideas with any of my non-used characters!! Also, if you want to build off my idea or change it I'm always up to hear it!

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2Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Empty Re: Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} on Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:48 am


Welcome Very Happy Im Hatter a fellow mod and if you ever wanna do a rp or have any questions just shoot me a pm!Very Happy

Normal is just an illusion, for what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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3Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Empty Re: Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} on Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:45 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Thank you! I'd look forward to doing an RP with you. (:

(Also overtime I will be editing more in. I'm trying to get a feel of how this site works xD)

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4Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Empty Re: Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} on Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:50 pm


Welcome to the site. Smile

No matter what we Breed, we are all made with Greed. So, think twice before denying that you are Greedy. Greed makes us do mistakes. Without mistakes, we are not Human.
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5Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Empty Re: Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} on Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:04 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Thank you! ^.^

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6Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} Empty Re: Hello, I'm Eirene {Chars + Plots} on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:43 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
Updated with three more characters~ c:

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