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The never ending list of ideas, Music's ideas.

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Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
Alright I know this is a lot of ideas but this is what happens with my over active imagination....Im thinking of little ideas all the time XD
So if you see something you like send me a pm and we can talk about it! Also Im cool with anthros or something more supernatural to replace one of the characters. So if you like a idea but don't want to be human just tell me and you can be whatever (:

Most of my ideas are up for tweaking and nothing it set in stone, so if you want to add something or change something, tell me. I'd be more then happy to listen

Remind me how things used to be

-Two friends grew up with each other and maybe were  even in love in high school. Once they graduated the guy left town to become famous or to fallow a dream or simply just left without so much as a bye to the town and his best friend. They tried keeping in touch but within a year they lost touch. Four years later he's back in town to settle down and they run into each other, they both fight it and sparks fly at first but slowly they become best friends again and love each other.
-This one I would like to play the girl, the guy be someone famous, just simply left town or he could have joined the armed forces or became a well known bull rider.  -

Bloods thicker then water
A blood bond between a human girl and a vampire. A blond bond means the vampire gave the human some of his blood but not enough to turn them into a vampire it has some perks to it, as long as the vampire is alive that person stays the age they were when it happened, the vampire knows where that person is at all times and they can talk through their minds.
A vampire saves a girl and gives her some of his blood. Well they don't get along every well and fight or annoy the other one when they see each other. Well someone is trying to kill either the girl or the vampire so their forced to work together and stop this person.

Making it home for Christmas
Finely Christmas was here and Alice could go home for a few weeks and just relax and have fun with her family.  Thats when she finds problems. Her jeep dies on her, she doesn't have the money for a plane ticket and shes either stranded at collage or sucks it up and ask for help. The only person that can really help at the moment, it the guy that she has banged heads with since they were little, they both grew up in the same town and ended up going to the same collage. Can they survive two days in the same car with each other then the ride back home?

Don't judge a book by it's cover
On the outside Blair looks like she has it all, a daddy that pays for almost everything,expensive clothes,cars, a expensive apartment. But it's all a big lie, her life is a living hell for the girl. The secrets are hidden deep and she tries hard not to get anyone else involved in it, for fear her dad will hurt or kill them. One night she goes to walmart at two in the morning, after a long night for some comfort food and a few other things, only when she gets back to her car, it refuses to start. Not knowing what to do, to scared to call her dad, shes stranded in the parking lot. A guy sees her and decides to help. Soon the two of them are friends and hes slowly learning about what happens behind closed doors and starts trying to help her.  

Again slow romance here.....And Im up for tweaking and such

-Craving and added a few new ideas- -Werewolf ideas
1- They were best friends going up, you wouldn't see one without the other one. Even at a young age everyone would just smile and chuckle saying the two of them were meant for each other. She was 16 when he left suddenly, the whole family packed up and left with in a week. They lost in touch quickly and so she tried to forget about him, and somedays she didn't think about him other days she thought about him all the time. Years later shes still in the little town, working, trying to do school online and keep up with rent. It was a normal boring day until he showed up again, she was furious with him at first for leaving, not keeping in touch and just for leaving her, after talking to her a little bit she forgives him and they slowly start being friends again. Only this time he has a secret one that no ones supposed to know about, hes a werewolf. How long can they keep it a secret from her?

2- They bump into each other in between classes for collage,  after chatting for a little bit they both go they separate ways only to run into each other at a party that night. He could help her get deal with a drunk, or she could end up helping him get away from a girl thats trying to get him. They become friends and slowly get close. Only hes supposed to be one of the guys on campus thats a 'bad boy' only hanging out with a small group of guys his age and every now and then a girl, everyone stays away from that group because of the rumors that others have started about them. One day a friend of his or he calls the girl saying he can't see her for a while because hes sick. After almost a month without talking him him, she gets upset and curious to why he hasn't been answering her calls, texts and everything else. She goes to his house only to get stopped by one of his friends, they start arguing and fighting and something happens...Something really strange. The friend turns into a werewolf and to top it off so does her friend.  

3- What if a human girl was raised with a family of werewolves that were part of a pack? A elder of the pack finding a baby in the woods left for dead and takes it back, seeing if a family would raise her. A family takes her in, they could either have no children of their own or have kids and raise her like one of their own. She could be more of a outcast from being human or is really part of the pack, making sure she earns her spot working twice as hard as others and it just as tough. Everyone could expect her to be changed when she comes to age, she could either want to or really doesn't want to change but stay human.

4- Im up for ideas with one or both characters being a werewolf. I love the taboo idea of a human being with a werewolf and all the trouble it can cause, from the pack to hunters to the human's family. So if you have I idea or just want to start a werewolf topic I'd love to hear it!  

Princess and the Thief
The princess is more of a tomboy, she'd rather learn how to use a sword and archery then how act like a proper lady and princess. She'd much rather be outside and explore then be stuck inside the castle listening to ladies in waiting babbling on and on about gossip she doesn't care about. Her mother died when she was ten, her father left her in the care of a nanny and the ladies in waiting rather then deal with her himself.
Alone in her room one day, she gets a surprise. A theft managed to get past all the guards and climbs through her window to get into the castle, he wasn't expecting her to be in her room, but didn't want to go back empty handed, so he looted her room while she was there. Instead of being scared she got angry when he took her mothers necklace, and tried to get it back, she started fallowing him out the window making a racket yelling and screaming at him to give it back. With the rick of being caught he grabbed the princess throws her over his shoulder and leaves taking her with him. Hours later maybe he feels sorry or it just annoyed by this girl that wont shut up but he decides to take her back. Seeing this as a way to be free and with nothing holding her back at the castle the princess refuses to go back and fallows the theft around.

I can see these characters fighting a lot, yelling at each other while they get out of a mess. Her getting into trouble and him saving her, while he teaches her how to survive and use a sword or bow.

Life with a witch
Trying to live a 'normal' life isn't easy especially when your a witch and your relatives just love to drop by at random times and also monsters and such are trying to kill you.  Im thinking this one the girl can either be  in collage and she starts dating and at first is trying to hide that shes a witch and everything around her, then maybe he finds out? What will he do? Freak out and leave? Or stick with her?  

-Craving- Blue blood and the blue collar
She works at a fancy resort, cruise ship or some exclusive club. He is rich either from his own doing or daddies money, could be spoiled, a jerk or whatever. They could either bump into each other and end up talking and he finds her again or it could be a bet he made with his friends. To see how long it would take the help to sleep with him. What if they really started liking each other, and he forgets about the bet until it's too late. Hes buddies congratulate him for getting the girl to sleep with him, maybe while shes still there? Or finds out somehow. It could go from there.
-It's a really loose idea right now but I'd love to talk it father with someone.-

They grew up together his father a multi millionaire, her father his right hand man. They had been best friends growing up, getting into trouble and running through the mansion covered in mud. He was two years older then she was, and also her hero at the time. When he turned 13 he decided that he was too cool to hang out with her anymore, so he completely stopped talking to her. They ended up going to the same high school, they got to be known for their fights and rivalries against each other. Now his father decided that it was time his son learned how to live in the real world and asked his friends daughter if his son could stay with her for a while until he learned more responsibility and such, they had been friends at one time right? The girl agreed only because it was one of her fathers best friends.  Do they end up killing each other or start to become friends again?    

-Craving- Soldier coming Home
He asked her to marry him before he was deployed. Now home after being gone for a year or more. Hes finely coming home. What happens now that hes home? He has changed after fighting over seas and shes changed some after the years without him. Do they get to know each other again or end up parting ways?
This is a really loose(and kinda horrible) idea. If you have something better please let me know!

Could be something like from the Lucky One. A solider comes home and finds he isn't adjusting to a normal life so he goes off to figure everything out. Ends up in a small town and meets a girl?  They could help each other out maybe?
Again loose idea and would love to hear your ideas or input on it!

Ex Military
I want to do some idea with a ex-military man.  Maybe hes a body guard now, or is a detective, or maybe a free lancer? Would love to discuss ideas with you!
Note- I'd like someone to play the ex military guy.

Playing Hero
A young woman ends up in trouble and theres no way of getting out without getting herself killed. She finds herself stuck in the middle of the jungle in a very rich and powerful mans estate, this man thinks she has something that he wants badly.(Could be a flashdrive or a roll of film with evidence of this man's illegal works) She's been acting dizzy and more self centered in order to keep the man from getting ideas, even if she has what he wants shes not going to let him know. Her father is a very wealthy man and pays a man whos ex military who knows what hes doing to get his daughter back. He comes in to get her while shes getting ready to make a escape to the jungle. They don't get along very well at first, him thinking shes just a spoiled brat and her thinking hes a rude ass of a man. They have to make it through the jungle to the pick up point only the man whos supposed to pick them up was paid off. Now their on their own in the jungle, trying to avoid the men coming after the young woman and everything else in the jungle.

The possibilitys for this are endless. It could be two hunters two hunters that grew up together hunting, a hunter and a normal person thrown into hunting, or a retired hunter being pulled back in by another hunter.
I would love it if someone played Dean and Sam Winchester -Who wouldn't?- It doesn't have to be perfect replica of them, but I would love it if someone wanted to take a whack at it.
I would love to hear ideas if you have one and talk ideas.  

Possibilitys are endless. I really want to do something like x-men or the Maximum Ride books. Mutants or test subjects. If you have a idea or would like to do something like this pm me, and we can talk ideas and such.    

Percy Jackson universe
I adore the books, and would love to play in this world where demigods are real and saving the world all the time for mortals. If your interested I would love to hear ideas! I already have a few rough ideas in my head, and would love to hear yours.  

Master/Slave Or more dom/sub.

The maid's job
Theres a couple different ideas for this one.
1- A young lady gets a job being a maid for a rich man, she thinks its a normal job until while in his office shes ordered to strip down so he can look over her body. He plays with her before he hires her. Putting her in a little skimpy uniform, he uses her whenever he wants to, while shes working or he'll just call her into his office. If she does something wrong shes punished. Being spanked, forced to work while different sex toys are in her, to please his friends/guests...The list can go on.

2-A young lady becomes a maid for a rich family, she does her best to stay out of the way of the family just doing her job. She doesn't know the son/father or both have been watching her for some time now and wants her. After a little while she becomes their toy, still working but in a more skimpy uniform, and if she does something wrong shes punished differently then the rest of the staff.
(I was thinking that the father and son both play with her, at different times or at the same time)

3- A young lady gets the job of becoming the maid because she needs money and a place to stay. The families oldest son and the girl don't get all at first and are either snapping at each other or ignoring each other..Slowly they become friends and it blooms into more. How does his parents take it? Finding out that he is dating and seeing the hired help? What would the neighbors say? Do the parents demand that he ends this, saying it was just a fling. Fire the girl or demand that she either stops seeing him or she looses her job. What happens if they keep dating in secret but it finely comes out in the open? Are his parents finely excepting or do they fire her and disown the son?
This one is more romance

Surprise Gift
The son of a rich man thinks hes getting a new car or something like that for his upcoming birthday, but the father has other plans in mind. He gets his son a girl for his birthday to do what he wishes with. She can either be used to settle a old debt that someone in her family owes or she could just be kidnapped off the streets. Now the son could either love it right off or be unsure about it at first.
This could slowly turn into a romance, like the son feels bad for the girl yet he knows he can't just let her go. Or just a master/slave where she learns to love it. Light bondage.

Craving- Paid Pet
A man it lonely and wants to get a pet. Either his building doesn't allow pets or he just doesn't want a 'normal' pet. He decides to find a pay/kidnaps, something a young woman to become his pet. She becomes his pet, it there when he gets home excited to see him, they do master/pet things together and all that. He could train her, take her out on 'play dates' the ideas are endless. Could even add that he has 'normal' pets and this girl was to keep them company as well
No rape or anything nasty please.

1- A student if failing one class, so goes to her teacher asking if there was someway she could pick up her grade. Seeing this as a way to use the girl in anyway that he wanted the teacher told her he'd raise her grade up if she did some favors for him. Slowly she turns into his little pet and slave. Sometime pleasing him during school, going home with him waring outfits he picked out everything.

2-A girl is forced to go to a playboy bunny school. Where the girls are taught how to pleasure a man and be a real woman. She hates the school and refuses to do most of it A teacher makes her his personal assignment. Forcing her to pleasure him and do whatever he wants. He ends shares her with some of the other male teachers.  
Light to medium bondage, nothing nasty or too painful.

Friend of the Families
He could be a uncle or a close family friend. His 'niece' comes to stay with him the summer before collage. She could be upset about it or happy with it either way maybe her 'uncle' has been wanting her for years now and this is the perfect time for him to take her. Slowly training and turning her into his little sex pet.
Nothing super heavy or nasty with this one.

At his beck and call.
A wealthy business man has no time for a real relationship nor dose he want the drama and everything that goes with it. So instead of dating someone he hired a young lady to be at his beck and call. She often visits him at his office to help relieve stress, goes on business trips with him and might even live at his house. She gets all the sex she can handle plus nice things and a roof over her head. He gets sex any time he wants and almost anything else from her, plus a woman on his arm during parties and social events. He gets to try more kinky things with her and maybe even shares her with his close friends.      

Sacrifice to the beast
Theres a small village that has been getting attacked by some beast, warriors were sent to kill it with no luck, finally someone was able to talk to the beast and offered them a sacrifice for the villages safety. The beast agrees and the village send out a young lady as their sacrifice to the beast. He gets to use her how he pleases, does it turn into a friendship of sorts? Love maybe Or just a strict master slave relationship?
Could be any fantasy beast. Dragon, monitor, griffon, orc, troll anything. And could be more then one. This could even be set in a modern fantasy even.  

Craving-Human slave
I want to do a topic where a anthro is the master and a human girl in the slave. It could be anything from a tribe leader takes a human slave or a modern day one, where having a pet/slave is for the rich and hes a wealthy anthro and buys her at the market. It could turn into love or just be a more master/slave/pet.
I'd love to hear your ideas!  

Show pets
This could go several different ways. Could be where anthros are the dominant species and human's are mostly pets or just that it's normal to show your human pet/slave like you would a prized dog. Could be judged on looks, size, and everything else like what would be judged in a dog show or it could be more sexual. Who gives the best blow job, orgasms the quickest/longest. The ideas are endless.

The basic idea I have for now if my character is either a prized show pet or maybe new to the game and how it goes, Do you reward her when she wins a show? Punish her when she does bad? How so, do you set up play dates with other show pets? It's endless.  

Working for the boss
My character just got hired to work for a large business. What she doesn't know is that she was hired to please the CEOs of the company and maybe a few others if the they were willing to share. It's stressful being in control of a multi million dollar business and the men needed a way to relieve stress. So they hired a young woman not telling her what she would really be doing. First day or work she's given a skimpy uniform and told to see one of the CEOs and he has his way with her. Maybe when they all having a meeting she goes around under the table and sucks off everyone, gets fucked during the meeting, gang banged. It's endless. The men have full control over her, maybe one takes her home with him? The men could have different kinks that they want her to do. Now she could be willing and soon love her role or fight it at first. Could even be a virgin that they get to train.  

Craving -New- Teach Me
young woman is really green when it comes to sex. Shes not a virgin anymore more but she really doesn't know what to do when it comes to sex, how to please a man let alone herself. Im looking for a more gentle Master/Dominate man to teach her, show her that it's alright to give into the pleasure and love sex. He could be a rich man, and takes her on like a project/pet sort of thing, maybe needs a woman to go to parties and such with and teaches her the art of sex and rich people.
Open for ideas.


Craving- New Wha? You aren't my pet.
So it's a fairly easy and fun idea. Someone has a pet that they love and adore, could be a dog, cat or even maybe some sort or reptile. The owner comes home or wakes up one morning to find that their pet is gone and there is a anthro/person in their place. What happens now? Does the pet change back into a pet at one point or do they stay in their new form and the owner has to know teach them all about being human. And what if the pet decides that it will be the dominate one and the power will now become it's pet?  The ideas for this are endless. could be more of a fun light topic or more master/slave type. Would love to hear ideas!
Also would be up for being the pet or the owner.  

Mama's babies
- A woman has two or more prized dogs, now the dogs are a large breed. The dogs live better then most people and the woman loves and does anything for them, including making her daughter they personal bitch. It's the daughters job to make sure the dogs are happy, half the time shes supposed to act like a dog, wares a collar and everything, she had her own room but it's ofter shared with the dogs or shes out in their kennel with them. She goes to shows with them to keep them happy while they travel and are at the show.

Raised by the pack
1- A girl was found by a pack of wolves when she was young, they took her in and raised her. Now eighteen or so the girl can speak with the wolves and is part of the pack she even comes into heat like normal she-wolf, and often mates with all of them. I was thinking about four or five bachelor males raise her. This could even be changed into a girl was raised with a pack of werewolves and is part of the pack but shes human and mates with all of them.

Craving- Jasmin and Rajah-Just something with a big cat(s)
I'd like to do something like Jasmin and Rajah. It doesn't have to be a tiger, could be any other large cat. It could be in modern times or more of a fantasy setting. Like his her protector and watches over her. 'Rajah' could even be a anthro. Im up for ideas with this one. Basically I am dying to do something with a large cat. Doesn't have to be 'Jasmin' thats just where I got the idea from.    

Dog Sitting
A young lady is hired to dog sit for a wealthy family while their gone on vacation. Either while watching the dog(s) they get frisky the girl gets turned on and lets them fuck her or she didn't know that the family had planed on her becoming the dog(s) pet/mate and when he starts getting frisky and rowdy with her she freaks out and he forces her at first. The girl could either end up staying with the dog and becoming like his mate/pet or leaves when the family comes back.
Could be a Quickie.

Breeding Program
A zoo was trying to find new and better ways to breed their animals. Sometimes the females didn't take to the males sperm or she just wouldn't get pregnant by the male. So a group of scientist got together and started working on a different way to breed the zoo's animals, they tried everything with the females they could think of. Adding more hormones, making them extra horny and willingly to breed but nothing seemed to work, so they turned to the males. Adding more testosterone to them, adding more to their sperm count, with this their genitals grew larger and they came with a problem the males were always horny and needing to breed with something. So the zoo came up with a different kind or program.

They brought in girls, giving them a job with out telling them what they were going to do, yes they would be working with the animals but not in the way they thought. Each girl got turned into a fucking buddy for a handful of males, the girls lived at the zoo and were treated nicly but more like animals now, they wore I.D tags showing they were fuck buddies  and what males bred with them and where their pen was. Some of the girls had been injected with feral female hormones so they came into 'heat' and were just as horny as the males, that way they became more willingly for the males to bred them.

Looking for two or more feral males for this idea, could be anything from a carnivore to a herbivore.

Down on the farm
A farmer could own just a normal farm where he has various animals or he could just breed certain animals but the males get rowdy and possibly hurt the females once it's breeding time. The farmer needed to find a way so his males wouldn't hurt the females. Could be his daughter or just a girl looking for a job. He hires her to become a release to the males, they can fuck her as much as they like and when it comes to breeding with the females, they are calmer and less violent about it.
Could be any male animal, normal farm animals or maybe something a little different like reindeer, donkeys, maybe he breeds dogs.    

Don't see a idea you like? I'd love to hear your ideas, just shoot me a PM! (:

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