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~Were All Mad Here~

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1~Were All Mad Here~ Empty ~Were All Mad Here~ on Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:43 am


Hello Fellows I have recently changed my username to fit my personality. I hope you all do enjoy it ^.^ Though I am still me I am doing a lot of renovation on myself to become a better roleplayer.(I always thought anyways Flexarabbit sounded damn awful). Anyways my posts will become more lengthy (Depending on my excitement), and like usual I will be a very active person. Although I do fret about how people think of me since I am a mad roleplayer. I roleplay a lot and I see topics that in true me, but sadly I back of due to the fact I don't want anyone bothered because I am already in so many topics. Anyways that's me!!!! Very Happy

Also Im very laid back when it comes to roleplaying so Im fine with every type.

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Normal is just an illusion, for what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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2~Were All Mad Here~ Empty Re: ~Were All Mad Here~ on Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:58 am


Characters (Fuck. The page reloaded when I finished XP)

~Were All Mad Here~ 29zcvf7

Name: Orchid Everdeen

Gender: Bitch

Sexuality: Straight

Breed: Malamute

Weight: 77.5 lbs

Height: 23 in.

Virginity: No

Mate: Zach

Offspring: Vinnie (Deceased), Sapphire, Chestnut

personality: Orchid is a very caring loving female, and lovesbto make others happy. Though she has gone through a lot so she can be cold. She is very timid towards strangers and tends to even cower before them in fear, but who can blame her when you have been almost killed! Her temper is hot so don't get on her nerves and try to not betray this dog because she can be pretty unforgiving.

~Were All Mad Here~ 2v2goyp
~Were All Mad Here~ 2i6osgy

Name: Vendetta (V for short)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Sexuality: Straight

Breed: WereWolf

Weight: 110 lbs (Human) 93 lbs (Wolf)

Height: 6 ft (Human) 24 in (Wolf)

Mate: N/A

Virginity: Yes

Personality: V has a VERY short temper so please for your sake don't pick a fight. Though V can be mean she is also very fun loving and sarcastic, she can be caring especially those who care for her. She can play hard to get, but she is very self-conscious about herself when in heat. She hates it when she isn't able to make her own decisions and loves freedom. Though her childhood sucks she hasn't changed  bit.

~Were All Mad Here~ 2ahfuxs

Name: Toga

Gender: Brute

Sexuality: Bisexual

Breed: Caucasian Shepherd

Height: 30 in.

Weight: 105 lbs

Mate: N/A

Personality: Toga is a very energetic dog who loves going on a good run. He is a caring male and accepts everyone for who they are and is a good listener. He has gone through a pretty good puphood it ended when he came out as bi. He hasn't met anyone who feels the same way yet so he does tend to be low about his sexuality. If you were to attack someone close to him you better be prepared because he fights like a bear.

More to come (Not all my characters XD)

Normal is just an illusion, for what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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