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;; tasting royalty {males or females}

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1 ;; tasting royalty {males or females} on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:53 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
{{ this guy is no longer in india - where he was treated with respect, love and dignity. here, he's treated like a crazed animal. male or female. human or anthro. }}

This place was strange, foreign and that wasn't saying anything lightly either. This stallion just didn't seem to make sense of this strange place at all - let alone the people coming and going and talking in that strange language of theirs. It wasn't what he was use too, nothing was. Not even the food and the smells, which caused him to snort, kicking at one of the containers that had his food in it, spilling it out all over the floor of his stable. Once more he heard a holler from someone close by that that damn horse kicked the feed over again! It was true. Whenever he got into such deep thought like this - there goes his food. Though could you really blame him for acting out? A lot has changed and it was sad how he use to be treated with respect and had constant companionship day and night and here, hardly anything. The male's ears flicked and twitched a bit, body shifting slightly in his stall as he moved away, snorting and pawing at the ground - surely kicking and thrashing the bedding around in the stallion. A couple people came over, trying to calm him down and clean up the mess that he had surely created for them, but this time, he wasn't having it. The stallion reared, thrashing and snapping his jaws, ears against his skull as he snorted and neighed loudly before lunging at the humans, causing them to scream and yell.

The stallion just wasn't playing around today. No. If they weren't going to treat him with respect, then he wasn't going to return the favor either. The male bolted towards the door, causing the humans to scream and tried to calm the male down but he bolted right through, kicking and banging into the stall door. It caused him to squeal, hoofs lightly skidding across the smooth ground underneath him as he came into the middle of the barn, trying to regain his footing. "Look out! Watch it!" People were now screaming and hollering as Aer bolted out of the stables and traveled through the barn, which caused him to squeal and neigh in fear and frustration. It also had been a long time since he'd been bred, leaving him full pent up more then ever. The large horse reared up, skidding across the floor as numerous people came out of no where to block him from escaping the barn its self to the outside world. That was where he wanted to go, he wanted to escape more then ever - wanting to find a place where he would be able to be free and do as he wished.

The Marwi snorted and squealed once more as he turned, heading further into the barn before coming to a complete stop. His muscles flexing underneath his dark pelt, unique ears perked forward as he saw the figure in front of him. The stallion lifted his head up, chest puffed out, tail flicking back and forth in frustration and irritation. Aer pawed, kicking lightly with his right forehoof at the ground, a slight rumbling snort escaping from his throat as he shook his head, watching the figure ahead of him. What was this form going to do now? Surely they were smaller and not so muscular like the forms that he had run into all over the place so far. Was this a younger human? Or was this something else? The male snorted, shaking his head, nostrils flaring, trying to catch the scent - but sadly the wind wasn't in his favor at all. It was carrying his scent to the being in front of him. What was going to happen now? Bolt and try to escape or turn around and force his way through the huge mass of people that surely were catching up to him.

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