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;; sand castles

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1 ;; sand castles on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:47 am


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
{{ wasn't sure if this is the right spot, but hey. :3 }}

The desert was his homeland and to leave it? It was absurd. There was no way that would ever happen for he lived in the sand, anywhere with sand where he could make a home is where you'll find him. The sand was moving over the crown with ease, twirling and spinning as the wind started to pick up, surely a sand storm was coming in, which caused him to mumble a bit underneath his breath. It was surely time to go deep underneath the sand and hide away from this. It wasn't like he'd be able to find what he was looking for up here when that happens, right? The naga yawned a bit, scratching the back of his head, mumbling a bit underneath his breath His green-blue eyes scanned around, long tongue twitching a bit before his coils curled up around him, scanning the territory in front of him on the large rock he had been sunning himself on. It was truly lonely out here by himself, but Mika always tried his best to make the best of it, traveling in numerous places in the desert, looking for good and maybe finding something or someone to seek company in. Though the desert was so vast and could be so deadly, it just made him feel closed in and miserable. His bangs swayed along with the wind slowly before quicken up, causing him to sigh faintly deeply, closing his eyes before shifting himself on the rock. The naga's tongue flicked out, tasting the air before rolling over his lips before he started to slide off of the rock It was time, time to head under ground or he'd be caught up in this damn sand storm and that was the lsat thing he wanted.

Wait, he lived in the sand, right? So it shouldn't bother him, right? True, but he just hated the wind and having it blown into his face harshly like the storm was soon to create if he stayed up on the surface. Also, who knew who'd be foolish enough to walk through a storm like this? You'd be surprised these days. So many people don't think anymore and do things that surely are life threatening or for whatever reason they might have. The snake shifted a bit before starting to slide through the sand with ease, a content sigh escaping from his throat as a bit of the coolness was welcoming. There were parts in the sand where it was nice and cool, while other places were hot, so it gave him different options during the day and night where he wanted to go. The naga continued to make his way through the sand dunes, a faint sigh escaped from his throat, brushing his bangs back from his face once more, eyes scanning around a bit before coming to a stop. The male tasted the air, his tongue flickering quickly, tilting his head to the side, raising an eyebrow. Hm? So someone was really out here? This far out? No doubt they had to be lost, right? And surely with the storm coming, not good at all.

Now the question was, where was it coming from? With the wind whipping around in numerous directions, it was hard to see anything - let alone figure out where the scent was coming from. Well, good thing with his long muscular - smooth body, he was able to move in long strides. It really helped when he had to figure out a good hiding spot or finding a certain thing - or in this case, another being. If the storm caught up, well, he'll do his best to find and save, but normally the storms were so bad, it'd just engulf everything and anyone in its path. Where are they? What is really out there? Only way to find out, hm? The naga continued to move with quick movements, trying to pinpoint the scent.

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