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What would You do?

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1 What would You do? on Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:35 pm


WWYD is a game where a person posts saying a situation and you pick your response. Its fun and pretty popular on some other sites.


1: Freaky laser hamster who is eating you

2: Scream and punch the thing

So lets begin Very Happy

Giant unicorn who shoots unicorns and eats the souls of animals.

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2 Re: What would You do? on Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:55 pm


I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling
Get a giant hammer and slam that unicorn!

Godzilla comes back to life to destroy your city! ;o

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3 Re: What would You do? on Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:56 pm


Bazooka that baby

Bum hiding in your trash.

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