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Primal Instinct (Open to all)

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1 Primal Instinct (Open to all) on Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:47 pm

Rose for the Hunter

I've got the ball rolling
I've got the ball rolling

It was far in the future and the next stage of evolution had taken place, creatures had evolved so much now that some were unrecognizable. The forest had over taken the greatest of cities as if Mother Nature herself was trying to repair herself from all the harm the humans had caused over the years. The forests were vast no buildings in sight, and the ones that were had trees twisting around them and plants of exaggerated size, the once clouded water had become crystal clear, like liquid glass you could see the fish that lived in the fresh water lakes and rivers, waterfalls raged and crashed over the cliffs more powerful than they ever had and the water was completely pure. The plants flourished, evergreen and seasonal plants mixed in this alien forest. But it was beautiful, nothing like any creature had seen before. However, during this tough time the humans had declined, the other races had thrived but the humans had not, they were not adapted well enough and the few that remained rarely ever met each other, several were now hybrids.

One human named Taigi, one of the few humans that had learnt and managed to survive by herself learning from her parents, both of hers were pure human. She was wearing leather and cloth like clothes; a short top from just below her shoulder blade to the top half of her stomach, a strap around her waist with part of it going between her legs and another two pieces one in front of her and one at the back, a lot like the clothes people used to wear in the past. It was all she could craft at the moment, but it would do. She carried bow and arrows, a small dagger and had a small pup, it looked like a larger version of a wolf but far more fierce. She had picked it up and thought maybe she could tame it; so she would have some sort of companion if she never lived to see another human or any sort of humanoid creature.

That day she was sitting by a river cursing a little from cutting her leg and held a bit of cloth close to the wound on her leg. “I need to be more careful, right boy” she said to the male pup that yipped and gave a nod, they could understand more now. She kept the pressure on it and soon they both turn pulling her arrow the male pup put a paw on the wound to keep pressure on and growled furiously at the possible threat, no voice came from her at all.

Remaining silent she moved her hand back to put pressure on the wound and Nightmare, the black evolved wolf pup, who was rather bug for just a pup, standing at should he was up to her waist. He growled and stepped forward towards them, snapping his jaws; she limped over and looked to who stood before them.

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