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Red Hood & Black Wolves ((Open))

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1 Red Hood & Black Wolves ((Open)) on Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:03 am


Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out

The tale of  Little Red Riding Hood instead, though a told make-believe stories; about a young girl's encounter with the black wolf, to warn others of the dangers of strangers.
Yet this being a misconception to the real untold tale. True she'd encountered wolf and came across life threatening danger down the lines of the store, however in another store tells of the tale where Red Riding Hood befriending the wolf who actually saves her from arise danger, instead of eating her in-which told in the usual tale.

It begins on the usual setting with Red Riding Hood being set off into the dark wood on the way to her grandmothers house with heavy basket filled with treats. And along the way she'd encountered an abnormally large black wolf, lying along the path due to a long hunger that render the body lifeless to near death. The moment the wolf took notice of her scent and felt Riding Hood's presence, hos beastly blue eyes open and locked on her image within a long stare, “Be warned... child...” said the wolf using a tone that sounded near death, “ further danger yourself... with each steep you take towards me. A beast that I am... but... I wouldn't dare be harm a human who means me no harm, especially one as young, cute, charming, and sweet such as yourself. Still... I am a beast, mad with hunger, so please... stay away and seek another path, I... I... fear my hunger will compel me to do you harm.” It took much for the black wolf to hold back, despite the starvation having him at a weakened state that brought erratic breathing and a maddening hunger pains.  

OOC: Its based on Wolves Rain and some of Little Red Riding Hood with a few interesting twist that will give a good store to follow. I need someone to play Red Riding Hood, you can even change the name, she don't even have to be human if you don't want to. No need to ask just join in, and yes it a mature rp.

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2 Re: Red Hood & Black Wolves ((Open)) on Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:06 pm

Marie trread down the familiar path to her grandmother's at a leisurely pace, her favorite scarlet riding hood tied securely around her diminuitive form. The girl had only just surpassed twelve years of age and as such had pleaded with her mother for more responisbility. Their compromise had been allowing her to deliver baked confections once a week to her dear grandparent. Presently, the forest path ahead of her wore a foreboding shade about it akin to duskfall, despite the noonday sun overhead. It hid the black pelt of the wolf until she was mere feet from it. His voice initially startled her, causing her to instinctually recoil back a step and release a tiny gasp. As Marie quickly recovered, she listened intently to the creature's words. Rather than repelling her, however, they made her all the more curious about him. Her gaze trailed from his intense blue eyes trained on her to his chest. Even in the dim light, she knew she could count every one of his ribs should she attempt it. She felt a warm compassion for the poor animal growing slowly within her. From that moment, she made a decision.

"O wolf," She began. "You say you are a beast, yet you speak to me as a man does. I... I wish to help you." As a much younger child, she'd been gifted with an adventurous streak. More often than not it had gotten her into trouble, but the girl retained that wonder where in its place should be fear as she aged. Whether it was senseless or not remained in question. Most would peg it as naïvete. Setting to work, Marie knelt and set her basket down. She removed the cloth carefully which all toe baked goods were wrapped with care, undoing the knot with her nimble fingers. Thoughtfully, she selected one pastry and set it back into the basket. With caution she approached the wolf to set the rest in the kerchief beside him. "Forgive me. They are not meats, but I hope they will be acceptable."

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3 Re: Red Hood & Black Wolves ((Open)) on Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:02 pm


Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
It was to this mysterious and subnormal enlarged sized wolf hopes, being for the young Marie to heed given warn. Yet sadly to his fears curiosity ruled over dead, which brought her to stead forth instead full fleeing back and come away. “Young one... why do you draw near despite my warnings,” the wolf asked her in a weak voice. He even lack the power force a threatening growl if it would ward her away, so sadly he couldn't do much to have Marie part as she continued to come near. Desperately how the wolf wishes not to make right with what is warned through stories and fairytale. The only thing thankful for the starvation is his state of impotence, where before hand the vicious natural instinct would have compelled him act upon survival at any means. Unlike a normal wolf, this one thinks much like a good willed man, thus it would kill him if to find himself harming such innocents. “P-Please... keep away and come no further...” again urgently he outcries in a weak tone with Marie come settling herself beside the downed black wolf, “W-Why!? Do you not fear a wolf?” Closer and closely she drew herself towards the beast she risk further danger. If the wolf had the strength, had he removed himself away but the hunger pains were far too great where the grass even seem desirable. Therefore the offering of bread didn't go turn down nor scoffed, when quickly he ate what was given and further extended and savored every little bite to slowly devour, so the body can take in the nourishment. “You... who is so kind to help me but neglected my warnings to stray you from danger,” his new tone took to high gratitude as it was expressed of a licking to her fingers.

OOC: Wow I love your way of writing. I'd read it over and over.

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