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Soooooo I'm Aleina.

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1Soooooo I'm Aleina. Empty Soooooo I'm Aleina. on Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:02 am


Hello :3
Not sure how people introduce themselves around here but I am Aleina, a new comer to this forum I suppose, but not this 'genre' of forums. I've joined a few erotic roleplay forums and left a few for certain reasons, mostly being the purpose that there was not many roleplayers/members that would post long/literate posts and kinda caused me to become inactive, or I just got bored of the roleplay and once again became inactive, buuuuuut I am going to try my luck here and see how it rolls :>
This is an example of what I roleplay like I suppose:
A gentle mist formed at the mouth of the river, the distance seemed almost endless, if wasn't for the lights on the far islands that were barely visible. Her finger tips traced over the small pebble in her hand, it felt rough against her skin. Jaydes eyes peered down at what was the river under the bridge. "Heh, no trolls there." THe girl chuckled to herself, no one was around so what was the harm in talking to herself?

Pulling her arm back and throwing the pebble into the river, she leant against the railing of the bridge, it wasn't a long bridge, nor a short bridge. It was of moderate size, with not over hanging canopy, Jayde could look up at the sky at her own will withou having to find a hole in the cieling. Tilting her chin up she gazed at once was a star filled sky, but is now a gloomy cloud filled sky. Jayde sighed and closed her eyes and tilted her face back towards the river once again, it wasn't until the headlights of a car caught her attention as they drove past, reminding her that she still had a fair way to walk home.

If you want to roleplay or discuss a plot idea between characters, don't be hesitant to pm me I'm up for anything!

Character Form:

[b]Current Partner:[/b]

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2Soooooo I'm Aleina. Empty Re: Soooooo I'm Aleina. on Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:02 am


Things I will do:
M x F
Human x Animal/creature/Mythical
Animal/creature/Mythical x Animal/creature/Mythical

Things I will NOT do:
Anything to do with gore
M x M
F x F

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3Soooooo I'm Aleina. Empty Re: Soooooo I'm Aleina. on Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:34 am



Name: Martzia Abele
Alias: Marty
Gender: Female
Age: 24 Years old
Hobby: An Assassin's Creed OC. Martzia lives in the rennaisance time era(just after the time era of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.) She's a Master/Maestro Assassin of the Brotherhood located in Rome, but is generally traveling between Constantinople and Rome, running errands and completing missions in Constantinople.
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Slender with smooth curves, her skin is a pale pink with delicate pink features. Her lips are a light pink and her cheeks are a rosey red, bringing out her blue eyes are her long and thick lashes. Her hair is light brown, often worn in a side tail that looks as if it was done a hurry. She often wears a mask with her robes which all some to work together color wise, all a dull green. Wearing long stockings that are striped under robes and a light skirt, she carries two curved swords/cutlass', more than commonly sheathed and attached to her belt unless she is poked enough to use them.
Personality: Independant and ruthless, Martzia has learned not to rely on anyone but herself. Taking things into her own hands seemed to be easier, doing things herself would have been easier if she knew that so many years ago. Martzia seems to be Judgmental on first encounters, but that usually fades off once she gets to know someone. She can be rude at first, but she either fades with that trait with well known company or others will have to get used to it. But Martzia is generally kind and welcoming, and little bit of a sticky beak.
History: Martzia grew up in a family of Assassin's, Her father at the time was a Master/Maestro Assassin in the Brotherhood, but it wasn't until the age of 8 that Martzia was put into training of becoming an Assassin, her mother had wished otherwise but Martzia was astonished at the idea of becoming an Assassin. For years she trained with either sticks or wooden swords with her father and other recruits, entertaining them with her childish play. It was the age of 14 that her mother became sick, dark times shone down on Martzia and her father. And soon with the death of her mother, her father withdrew from his position as a Master/Maestro Assassin in the Brotherhood, or tried to atleast. Martzia excluded herself from most recruits, and trained by herself but still under the supervision of others. She excelled in her training and took ranks earlier before most recruits, this is when she started to grow rude and arrogant, she was hard to have a reasonable conversation with.
Current Partner: No one

Name: Rivatha Elduine
Alias: -
Gender: Female
Age: 143 Years of age(Young adult)
Hobby: An illegal trader of wood elven weapons to other species. Rivatha travels from south(home of Dark elves) to the Wood Elven cities to the north(Whom are having a war with Drow/Dark Elves.), Rivatha smuggles her self in using a glamour spell to change her eye and skin color to those of a Wood Elves, Tan/light skin with white ghostly eyes. She gives her earnings to her dealer and recieves next shipment of illegal goods to sell and makes her way back south.
Species: Drow/Dark Elf
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Rivatha has a curvy body, her skin is a dark purple grey shade with white glowing markings that run down her left arm, leg and face, Rivatha also has a massive amounting of scaring on her body after one horrific battle with a demonic creature(Beore she started working as an illegal trader), She has few memorable places for her scars besides for three that run directly straight down from her right eye and four that are diagonal on her chest. Her eyes are pitch black and are able to see in the dark, her hair is short and black and her ears are long with six piercing in each. She generally wears dark colored clothing, but is sometimes seen wearing Elven made armor with a large scythe, her royal armor before quitting the, Rivatha usually only wears that when she is traveling.
Personality: Rivatha is rough and partly rude, her conversations are always in a 'playful' manner or more sarcastic for her. She is very vain, loves to keep her public image up and looking great but at the same time she feels that she should be feared and certainly not one to mess with. But she generally reframes from using violence as an option unless someone threatens to expose her as an illegal trader.  
History: Rivatha grew up in Blackburn, a city in the far south and is filled with Drow/Dark elves. The war with the Wood Elves started when she was young, Rivatah joined the royal guard at 17 and stayed with it for many years, not leveling until 93. She moved herself to Blackburn forest, setting up her own little home there before becoming and illegal trader, discovering Glamour spells was her biggest success and she then was able to smuggle herself into the Wood Elven Cities, as their making of armor and weapons sold fr a lot ore than any other Elven race make did.
Current Partner: Cannot commit to a relationship.(Which really means that she does one night stands xD)

Name: Orchide Bern
Alias: Lady Orchide(To followers/vampires that know of the Bern household.)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hobby: Kind of originates near a Vampire Knight OC
Species: Pureblood vampire
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Orchide takes the form of a 17 year old girl, she has pale skin with light pink features. Her eyes glow a vibrant red and are cloaked in extra long and thick eye lashes. She is short compared to woman of average height and has long black hair. She is commonly seen wearing formal clothing and lolita style dresses, commonly wearing gloves and Victorian age accessories.
Personality: Orchide plays an 'innocent' little girl on first meetings, but once she has trusted you enough she will start to slack off with the 'innocent' trait and start to let her dark side seep in, generally attaching herself with strange things and unique collectables and items.
History: Orchide was born a pureblood vampire, she had pretty much a normal child hood besides for not being allowed near human children to reduce the risk of exposing vampires, it wasn't until she was a young lady was she allowed to go places public. Still then, she hardly ever interacted with the human species. It was then that a bounty was set on her families heads with the vampire hunting agencies, her aunts and uncles were the first to go, then her father. In secret, her mother had made a deal with the agency to go with them without resistence for them to leave her daughter alive, Orchide hasn't been touched since then, and her mother had gone missing on the same day. Orchide still lives in Bern manor now, hardly aging as time goes by, she has almost forgotten about her parents, the only thing the does remind her are old paintings and letters.
Current Partner: No one

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4Soooooo I'm Aleina. Empty Re: Soooooo I'm Aleina. on Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:40 pm


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
It's nice to see someone new here, or really anyone on here. No one really comes on this site anymore, I come a few times to check if someone actuay came on but that's really it. I joined a different site that is some what like this one because it's not used as much as it used to be.

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5Soooooo I'm Aleina. Empty Re: Soooooo I'm Aleina. on Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:24 pm


Aren't your fingers burning?
Aren't your fingers burning?
so it seems the only point now a days for this site is to just look at the avert used site here and read the other things .-.

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6Soooooo I'm Aleina. Empty Re: Soooooo I'm Aleina. on Sat Apr 05, 2014 9:53 am


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
Pretty much, but I know another site that's very active that you could join. It's basically the same as this one.

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