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New Blood? Don't Think So.. Help Me.. Claim Me

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Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
Ginger ran on four legs her fur covered legs turning as fast as they can carrying her faster and faster away from her pursers. She was horribly skinny and dehydrated. Her pack named Nightlong Terrors, they decided it was time to bring new pack members into the pack by forcing her to breed with all of them. So she started running, but that was a couple weeks ago.. She had been running since then to afraid to stop for food and water or even sleep. She looked around her emerald eyes scanning for an opening. There! A small cave, she turned and squeezed through the opening and then she collapsed her body wore out from stress and running. She flinched slightly as the whole pack started their murderous howls. They are so close. Thank god she cant hear their thoughts and they can't hear hers, wait her scent! She still smelt like them. She felt them coming closer. This is for sure her end. Goodbye world. her red sides heaved with stress and sorrow as tears fell from her emerald eyes.

(Some lone wolf come and save her. Romance? maybe? Who knows Post and find out Smile )

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Bro, you should chill out
Bro, you should chill out
(Please Post Sad )

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What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
A very large dark figure lurked in the shadows as if the group of murderuous mutts were his prey. He had been traveling, away from his former pack where he had been banished. He lost his sense of leadership and his courage an Alpha needs to lead his pack when there was battle. A battle that raged through his pack and killed the one most important to him. The remaining grew stronger and banished him for his weakness of heart. Now he was just trying to find a spot to rest when suddenly howls reached his ears. These weren't normal howls though, no, these were murderuous howls as if they were threatening another. When the scene came into view he saw the bone thin female slip into a cave . That is when he trusted the shadows to hide him. Just as they neared the cave her attacked, his large structure of a body and sharp class easily killing off most of them before the others ran away. Once the area was quiet he looked at the female knowing she was in the small cave before shaking out his black coat that was starting to dry with blood that belonged to himself and the pack. He could see her frail figure against the dim light that the moon was giving off, this girl needed food and water. There was no feeling how much longer she would last.

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