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Chemistry of Mating

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Alone Time [Open]

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1 Alone Time [Open] on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:33 am


What The Hell Man
What The Hell Man
Amara dipped her hands into the cool pool of water, lifting it up before she let run over her nude body. She had finally managed to convince her guards to give her a bit of alone time to bathe. She knew there were risks-they were growing closer to enemy territory, meaning there was always a chance she might be captured or worse. In truth, the elven princess didn't mind such a threat one bit, actually finding herself a bit excited at the prospect of being captured and used by her kingdom's enemies. Of course, other fantasies filled her mind as well-like one of her guards being overcome by lust and spying on her before taking her. Her hand slipped between her legs, moaning softly as she toyed with her pussy, mind alternating between the two fantasies, unaware one was very close to coming true.

[[Looking for an Orc, Dwarf, or something similar, to play an enemy soldier or one of her guards.]]

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