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Nill's All-in-One Topic

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1Nill's All-in-One Topic Empty Nill's All-in-One Topic on Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:18 am


I've Been Posting
I've Been Posting
Hi everyone, I'm still getting my bio setup. A bit busy at the moment, and so most the sections will be bare until later.


Unfortunately I forgot to make a backup of any bio except for Nill's, I didn't expect the forum to go down the day after I posted it, so Glitch and Nikki will have to wait while I do a new one for them.

Nill's All-in-One Topic Boss_colt


Gender: Male
Species: Clydesdale Colt
Sexuality: Bi, very much in the closet

A bossy and bratty colt who despite his age already owns a large territory. He's a rude, vulgar, misogynistic little thing who loves to dominate and enslave fillies and especially older mares. He's ridiculously well endowed for his age, and frighteningly fast and strong. He's also got a really big rump and loves to facesit and even fart and poop on his victims. He's very competitive with other kids and frequently tries to expand his territory even further, often making bets for land. Nill certainly isn't above cheating, but he tries to win fair out of sheer pride.


Nill's All-in-One Topic Glitch

Gender: Male
Species: Vulpine Entity

Nikki Karin

Nill's All-in-One Topic Ek_rucr

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bi, strong male preference


Nill's All-in-One Topic Dragon_butt

Gender: Asexual
Species: Dragon God
Sexuality: Bi

Likes and Dislikes


I'm open to including virtually any subject. My characters have plenty of kinks that they gravitate towards, but I'm pretty free on most subjects. I definitely tend more to meaner scenarios, though gentler scenes are ok now and then. Also, generally the more cruel and disgusting I can be the better. I have absolutely no limits for what I'll do, so don't be afraid to ask for anything.


*Crickets chirp* Well I'm very much on the dominant side. Also when they're involved, my characters' farts stink. That sounds like a weird thing to point out, but I've had quite a few scenes where someone starts to enjoy them, and that's kind of a turn-off. Nill's butt is many things, but pleasant isn't one of them tongue

Nill's Plots

I'm going to keep them a bit laconic for now, as once again I didn't have any but the Kiddy Pool backed up. And considering the content, I have a hunch that's the one the least amount of people will want to do, natch. A !Warning! notice before a plot means it will contain majorly disgusting themes.

-An investigator goes out into the forest to look for Gltich. And they find him, most likely unfortunately. This scene can be pure Horror or Horror/Sex

-Your character breaks down on a quiet road, unaware of Glitch's presence. Similar to above, but more openly malevolent.

-An older mare unknowingly trespasses in Nill's territory, and it doesn't go well for her.

!Warning!- The Kiddy Pool; an exceptionally gross and cruel scenario in which you play one or more other kids who Nill disliked, and shoved into a 20 foot cylindrical pit, which he uses each morning as a toilet. There's no hope of escape or rescue, and you just have to deal with your fate.

-You play Nikki's most recent ex. You fell for his pretty looks and cheerful manner, not realizing just how picky and controlling he is. Maybe you broke it up, maybe he did. Either way, he shrank you to be his new pet instead.

-As seen in my short lived topic, Nill is an extremely virile little colt sent to impregnate all the mares in a breeding farm.

-The Butt Wars! This is a rather goofy scenario taking place on a very strange game show/Arena Tournament. Characters are divided into two types; Butt-Style, who use buttslams, farts, and other rear-based stuff to fight. And Beat-Style, who use spankings and anal-yiff attacks. It can have Butt vs. Beat or Butt vs. Butt matches. Beat vs. Beat exists in the show, but all my characters are Butt-Style and so it probably won't come up.

-You play a colt around Nill's age who he forms a rivalry with, and secretly begins to develop feelings for. Will you manage to drag him out of the closet, and with his personality do you really want to?

!Warning!- My character engulfs yours with his butt and traps them inside. He then uses the toilet, totally covering them. He pushes them back out encased in scat, leaving them like this as part of a "Gallery" of such victims.

!Warning!- A different sort of warning. It's not quite my usual style, but something that seemed interesting. An exceptionally violent scenario in which Nill fights another young colt or filly and crushes them beneath his hooves. Literally.

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